Hey friends, how are you today? What are your plans for Christmas Day? Although, I have … well,  I am still learning actually, to take life one day at a time and not to make presumptions about days in the future, I think I can say with some degree of accuracy, our Christmas Day will certainly … More MERRY CHRISTMAS


Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? There is snow on the ground in my neck of the woods,  but thankfully it isn’t snowing right now.  Although it is cold, it is 25° in my neighborhood, this is normal for this time of the year, but because we’ve experienced above normal temperatures, I find … More HOW ARE YOU?


Hey friends, how are you today? Today… right this minute… how are you? Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment annnnd… exhale.  Do this a few more times; I’ve been told it helps to relax the muscles.  This time of the year always brings out the busy and in the busyness, there is always the … More TODAY IS THE DAY