Hey friends, how are you today? Today… right this minute… how are you? Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment annnnd… exhale.  Do this a few more times; I’ve been told it helps to relax the muscles.  This time of the year always brings out the busy and in the busyness, there is always the unexpected.  What would life be without the curveballs? Today is a beautiful day and I mean that literally too, in my neck of the woods.  The sun is out (at least for right now) the snow birds flitter from tree to tree and our high temperature today is 50°. Today is a beautiful day because I say so, because ultimately, life happens; the unexpected is a part of life and how I react to life is always up to me.   

Chuck Swindoll, so eloquently, says this… “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it”.  

It’s not over yet, as long as there is life, as long as there are new days, we have been blessed with opportunities to do better, to be better. Life must be lived; chin up; eyes on the Lord, although we may be part of the crowd, He sees us as individuals. He knows our name and nothing escapes His attention.  Nothing is unexpected; He does and He allows and it’s all for our good.  How are you today? What are your plans for Christmas?

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27 responses to “TODAY IS THE DAY”

  1. I’m probably the most relaxed in many Christmas’s. 2020, resigning from my career, adult children living with me has put a whole new spin and perspective on life. I’m sneaking in a batch of chocolate chip cookies right now. You see, hubby is the cookie expert so I normally leave that to him. Won’t he be surprised!😊Keep up the encouragement it means a lot!

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