Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? There is snow on the ground in my neck of the woods,  but thankfully it isn’t snowing right now.  Although it is cold, it is 25° in my neighborhood, this is normal for this time of the year, but because we’ve experienced above normal temperatures, I find the normal no longer works for me, I got used to the 40s° and I want it back.  How quickly I adapt to the circumstances and things I like and enjoy and I’m afraid the reverse is also true about me.  I do struggle to accept the circumstances I don’t like; I usually can’t wait for a miraculous disappearance of anything that makes me uncomfortable. 

2020 has been uncomfortable. 2020 was too much of everything; too big, too long, too vengeful, just too much.  I found myself sinking beneath the waves of 2020 and I realized that like Peter, I had taken my eyes off the Lord.  How are you doing? 

When there is an interruption in our routine, this reaction is almost predictable.  We like our comfort.  How are you doing, really? 

We’ve seen the best and the worst of mankind in 2020.  Instead of the standard of God’s Word, we made politics, BLM, and everything in between the standard, because to do less would certainly display, we lack the control, we think we possess. So, to pretend we have control of our circumstances, we argue, fuss and fight.  How is your time with the Lord?

On another note, Christmas will not be the same this year, my family may have to eat air, because I don’t usually cook on Christmas Day and I’m not sure I want to change this tradition. In door dining has been cancelled and we live is a sub-zero climate, therefore outdoor dining is off the table, literally.  I’ve told the family to familiarize themselves with the stove.  How is your relationship with others?

I want normal back; I want to feel as if I have come control left.  Well, I do some control, don’t I? I can control my behavior, my actions, my self and I can leave the rest to the Lord.  How are you doing? 

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36 responses to “HOW ARE YOU?”

  1. Oh I Literally lol when I read “I told my family to familiarize themselves with the stove”!🤣 Turkeys too much trouble. I’m making baked ziti for Christmas Day me it’s in the freezer ready to bake on Sat. I’ve enjoyed this Christmas more than some because I have been looking for more of Christ in it. I pray those around me will be able to see him too.

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  2. Good questions for us in this crazy year. How is your time with the Lord and how is your relationship with others. I believe my time with God is still very good but I must confess I have had to deal with frustration and even anger at some of my friends who seem so determined to be angry and hostile to those who do not agree with them. Praying peace for them – and to not let their anger effect me.

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  3. Doing alright, Brenda, and thank you for asking! First I was nervous and worried, but then I remembered my faith. You certainly helped to remind me of that! I hope you keep writing your faith-assuring blog. Please stay blessed, safe, and well. Merry Christmas!

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  4. Frankly, it’s been a struggle as of late, Brenda.

    The trouble is, I highly value relationships; that’s actually a GOOD thing, right? But this pandemic has strained friendships my wife and I have enjoyed for many years.

    The polarization of how we should respond to COVID has not bypassed the church. My wife and I seem to be in the, “We should all be more careful “ category, but many of our Christian friends are not.

    I’m afraid things will never be the same between us again. That really makes my heart hurt, Brenda.

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    • Yes, our church is experiencing the same problems and we definitely find ourselves in the same category as your family. Primarily, many in our church have chosen to make this a political issue and that have seemed to create the most division among us, which is very unfortunate. Let’s stand together for truth, just according to God’s Word and everything else remains a personal belief or opinion


  5. We have had warmer than usual weather in Minnesota as well, but we did get some snow today and the children really look forward to playing in it.
    There is nothing like realizing my lack of control to turn my gaze more firmly upon God. I need Him!
    Hopefully your family spoils you with yummy food this Christmas. I’m usually on my feet and in the kitchen most of the day. A break sounds like a wonderful gift!!

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    • We have snow and it’s been cold lately but warmer weather is coming this week, although the girls are praying for a white Christmas 😂😂. They can keep that prayer to themselves. They have to cook if they want to eat 😂😂May the Lord bless you abundantly


  6. Well to answer your question Brenda, I’m doing great spiritually but physically & emotionally I’m really having to be very kind to myself at the moment!
    It indeed has been a very big year in more ways then one & like you I don’t like my comforting routines messed up!
    Especially when trying to rise above chronic health issues & live the best life possible within those. Comforting routines really do help with this.
    But putting all that to one side I am very grateful that His comfort & joy fills & strengthens me in the hard times, in the difficulties & in the really uncomfortable messing up of my routines!
    Because His joy is indeed my strength, His strength is my joy! 😀
    Bless you,

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  7. We’re doing great over here! Especially me, since I just got back from a massage.
    We don’t have control over our circumstances, but we do have control over how we respond. May we ever look first to God.
    Merry Christmas, dear Brenda. I hope you and your family eat well and make some new and precious (and maybe hilarious) memories.

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  8. So much wisdom here, Brenda! Thank you for pointing out what we should already know but have not been practicing. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! It certainly sounds like your priorities are straight.

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  9. I really am doing well. We have face some of the difficult situations others have faced this year but we have also seen the blessings of the Lord throughout. I find for myself it’s best to keep looking forward to where the Lord is taking me. And you are doing better than I am if you have learned the truth and practice it in controlling self. I’m thankful for God’s patience in that area!

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