Hello friends, how are you today? Just today, in fact, right now… how are you? We are doing fine, thank you for asking, over here.  Thank you for the time spent with me, I truly appreciate your comments and likes on last week’s posts; I did It Again and Portrait of God’s Woman, thank you.  Yesterday our … More IT’S A CHILLY ONE TODAY


Hey friends, how are you doing? How was your weekend? Were you affected by the weather that has been sweeping across the US? Over here, we’ve had snow and snow and snow. We’ve been cold and cold, although thankfully, this week our temperatures are supposed to go up above freezing, which is a blessing.   Hopefully you … More I NEED YOU


Good morning friends, how are you today? Well, that’s it for fall, here in my neck of the woods.   The leaves, still on the trees have past their peak and with a slight wind,  most will be on the ground.  Our temperature today is a chilly 36°, although it feels as though it is 28°; winter is in … More SURE vs.UNSURE