Hey friends, how are you today? Happy first day of fall! Can you believe we are just about three months away from Christmas and a new year? Can you believe 2020 is almost over? I remember some people could not wait for 2019 to be done so that they could start anew in 2020.  If only we knew then what we know now right? Although 2020 has been an unprecedented year in our lives; a year that brought far more than we bargained for, back in January, I pray that we do not choose to hasten it out. There is still so much to learn, so many blessings to acquire, so many people to love, so many characteristics to put on, so much more to become.  

2020 has been a year designed to show us, who we really are, I think.  Most of us, I know I do, we walk in the belief that we are more than we are actually.  We believe we truly love others, that we truly love God, that we truly trust Him, until a year like 2020 comes along and questions that belief.  God is not a man; His Word is always true, His promises are never broken, He never tells a lie.  He is trustworthy; we’ve heard that, we know that and most of us truly would like to think, we believe that truth, but our actions, speech and decisions of 2020 may disprove that belief.  

The world will do what the world will do, they don’t know the Lord, but as Christians, when we talk and act like the world, perhaps we don’t trust God as much as we think we do.  Habitually, as Christians we are prone to trust the Lord for this and that;  we trust God for what we can get from Him, but what happens when that ‘thing’ does not come or when it does not come ‘on time’? Where is the trust? Trust demands knowledge, we cannot trust someone we don’t know.  Trust demands proof; trust says prove you are trustworthy.  The Lord keeps His Word; when He says He will do this and that, it will be done as He said. 2020 has proven that we need to trust God for more than ‘this’ or ‘that’, we need to trust HIM! Because our ‘this’ or ‘that’ may not be good for us, we need to move beyond trusting for and trusting Him.    Here are five signs that we trust the Lord:

We trust when we Spend time with the Lord. Stay in His Word, commune with Him.  Develop, grow and strengthen that relationship by setting aside time everyday to know the One we serve. 

We trust when there is Obedience: we obey the Word of God.  We do not negotiate His truths, nor do we attempt to justify our wrongs.  Remember we’ve been called to holiness

We trust when Fear and bondage to worry have no place in our lives.  Although fear and worry may ever be our besetting sin, constantly present, vying for dominance, we will give these emotions over to the Lord and we will become the people, He desires us to become.  Most of us will perhaps never completely be without fear or anxiousness, but we will not allow these to control our actions, not derail our good intentions.  

We trust when we patiently wait.  Patience and wait; two very dreaded words, but while we wait for better times, we will be patient.  We will accept the liberty and freedom that comes with the knowledge that we will be okay.  The God of the Universe has our backs, everything will be fine in due time.  We will choose not to go our own way, but rather will wait for our Lord’s perfect time.

We trust when we are Thankful, even in the storms of life.  There isn’t trust without thankfulness.  Recalling what the Lord has done for us; keep an account of our past blessings, remember from whence we came and the many favors, we’ve been granted.  When we remember the past, we will be thankful for the present. 

The Lord allowed 2020 for a purpose, before it comes to a close, let’s be sure, we’ve accomplished its intent.  What lessons have you learnt as a result of 2020? 

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40 responses to “5 SIGNS THAT YOU TRUST GOD”

  1. This year has brought us to the place to ask ourselves, “Are we just talking the talk or actually walking the walk?” It has put us in a place to really trust Him no matter what. This was a great thought-provoking post!

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  2. I think we can truly love God and love others, and not even know how much, but our understanding is so finite that God continually brings us along so that we learn to love deeper as we trust in all those ways you listed. And when we’re not trusting, well, God is faithful to show us. Happy Autumn to you. Our leaves have almost all turned color. Our temps go up and down. I have tubs LOADED with fresh picked apples, and my garden is on its last leg. I’m almost looking forward to the first dusting of snow. 2020 has been a year of bringing God’s priorities into focus. Praying 2021 will be a year of revival and renewal. Bless you!

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  3. This year has taught me that God wants everyone to know that only He is in control. It was beautiful because I find it comforting to not only know that God is in control but to have Him demonstrate that in the most unexpected way; He literally sat the entire world down! I am in awe and very excited to see what God will do with all of the attention He has gotten as a result! 😃🙏🏽💜

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    • 😁😁😁 this here definitely reminds us that the God of the Universe does exist. Our God lives and is always ready to give grace and mercy. I am so very thankful that our Lord is in control. God bless you, my friend


  4. Wise words. And yes, I wanted 2019 to hurry up and move on. Little did I know! But you are right that I have been put to the test and God has used the people in my life to point out my faults. That’s not a comfortable feeling but I am thankful that he is working on me. I do want to please God and obey him and trust him so I am spending more time with him and studying more. So this year has actually been a good year so far if you consider spiritual growth. Still going through difficult times but that is part of growing. Blessings to you, Brenda! Hope you’re enjoying the fall weather. 🙂

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  5. You nailed it, dear Sister. How can we live in peace and obey God if we don’t trust Him? How can we shine His light if we cover it with a basket of worry and fear?
    And this; “Trust demands knowledge, we cannot trust someone we don’t know.” May our hearts’ first desire be to know Him. Then will we fall on our knees in faith and worship.
    Thank you; you do shine your light before men; we see you, and we give glory to our Father in Heaven.

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  6. Beautiful!!
    Boy I didn’t realize today was the first day of Fall❤️
    Loved what you said here: ‘2020 has been a year designed to show us, who we really are, I think.’
    I’m so thankful that during this crazy year I’ve continued to trust in Him!!

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