Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Can you believe fall is right around the corner? I do enjoy the colors and beauty found in the fall season, but I must admit, I prefer summer. Fall, too quickly, gives way to winter in my neck of the woods. Fall literally winks and says goodbye in less than eight weeks.  Already our temperatures have dropped into the 60(s)° and it’s just downhill from there.  This morning, I heard the swan song of the cicadas, which is very unusual because it certainly is not a hot day.  I do believe they were making their locations easily known to the birds, after all the birds do need to eat, right? 

I love nature.  I do believe that the Lord gave us the trees and hills and the natural beauties of the earth to draw us closer to Himself.  I love the calmness and comfort creation offers to my soul.  I enjoy the silence and the tranquility that comes amid such stunning scenery.  Nature invites a solitary or duo visit. Crowds are not usually welcome among this magnificent landscape. 

We live in a time when it’s easy to be impatient and irritated with people and welcome the escape to a place of solitude and quiet, such as nature offers, which is often necessary to preserve our sanity. But the easy impatience and irritation can cause us to stay away from people more so than is needful.  Sometimes, I need to be reminded of the importance of mankind to our God, especially when I am too long in the company of ummm… unkind people.  Because the company of people is optional during these days, I decided to walk along the community to ‘see’ people.  While there, I spoke with a new neighbor, and a guy who said the clouds looked strange to him, ‘less blue’ he said.  I said hello to a few others at two shops I visited while on my walk.  I must admit this walk made me remember that people are our Lord’s heartbeat.  He created nature for us to enjoy but people… yes, people are His special prize.  

There is beauty here too; on the streets, in the communities, in the stores, in the homes, the cars, and the churches, beauty can be found. God has blessed man with so much wisdom, so much knowledge, so much creativity and ingenuity.

We just have to look beneath the surface. People matter to our God; red and yellow, black and white; they are precious in His sight. You matter to the God of the Universe. Take time out, but not too long? People need you. How are you doing today?

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29 responses to “YOU DO MATTER”

  1. It’s amazing how phrasing something in just a different way completely changes one’s perspective. Jesus took walks to ‘see people’ too. He lived to see people, and teach us how to see each other. Thank you for the new view. God bless your weekend!!

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  2. That’s quite a walk you took, with such varied scenery!
    Your thoughts remind me of our ladies’ study this week, where we marveled about God and people: people are what get on our nerves the very most, yet the miracle of God is that He uses people to do His work, to reach others for Him!

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