Hey friends, how are you today? Today… how are you? Just you… not your friends, not your family, not your circumstances; you are none of these, so how are you today? Sometimes it takes me a minute to answer this question when I’m asked, simply because usually I instinctively reflect on what’s going on in my life.  In light of the happenings of my life, I can answer ‘fine’ or ‘not so fine’.  But the truth is, as much as I am part of the people and the state of my circumstances, I am not them and that.  Although I am part, I am still separate from all of it.  I guess the truth is, most times I do allow outside to influence my emotions and also my state of mind. 

Our Savior came to give life, not just the bare minimum of life, but a full, almost to the point of bursting; He came to give abundant life.

For most of us, our mental health is linked to our emotions, isn’t it? 2020 has brought with it a seesaw of emotions; there’s been frustrations, anger, pity, compassion, and perhaps even sorrow and the cases of depression have soared. When I’m constantly ‘tired’ even after a good night’s rest, I know to take stock of my emotions.   When I feel sluggish and lethargic, even after doing the bare minimum (which is also a sign) I know to be careful… ‘my feet is slipping’.  

Unfortunately, in spite of 2020 and its shenanigans, life didn’t stop for most of us.  Death had its place, jobs and finances had their day, friends and family also had their time; life continued in spite of 2020, which just magnified even the smallest problems.  

But friends, the Lord did not abdicate His throne.  2020 isn’t unexpected, it was perfectly planned all along and for our good.  The good can’t be found with our eyes on the issues of life, the good of this year, in spite of the circumstances can only be found with our eyes fixed on the Lord.  In His Word and in His presence,  we will find the beauty that was always in 2020.  Yes friends, there was beauty and freedom and grace and mercy and forgiveness all the time, we just had to look, to see it.  

Let’s go back to what we know to be true, God is God; God is good; God is in control.  

Sooo… how are you doing today? You… just you. Do you have aches and pains? Does your heart ache? Is your mind in the right space?

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40 responses to “HOW ARE YOU?”

  1. Today I am good. A little melancholy. Listening to jars of clay much afraid. Thinking on doing a post on maturity in faith. My adhd isn’t beating me down today but yes I do have some sadness. But in sadness we have hope in Christ. The psalms acknowledges both our highs and lows. So should we. God wants us to find peace in him but we can’t find peace without acknowledging our struggles with hope. Without hope is despair, happiness without acknowledging our struggles is denial and eventually we break. This balance the scriptures brings is true peace. Thank you for your light.

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  2. Thanks Brenda! I feel like there have been a lot of deaths lately. This week alone I heard of three. So it’s been an emotional week for me. I’m glad God knows all things and we’re safe in Him. ❤️

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  3. I heard a new song in the car this morning, and I think it ties in nicely to your post. So often we do not tell the truth when people ask about us. Who really wants to hear, anyway, right? But in God’s family we can be honest and truthful. He is here for us, and we are here for each other. Matthew West, Truth Be Told. Here is the link to his video should you want to listen 😊🤗

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