Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? What kind of day are you experiencing today?  In my neck of the woods, dark, dreary, damp, dismal, depressing are perfect descriptions of our day. It’s overcast and rainy and although our temperature began at 64°, it will plummet throughout the day to a miser 52°. ‘Sweater weather’ is here to stay, and I don’t mind at all.  The meteorologist reminded us that our rainfall total was apparently far below normal, so there should be no moaning because this rain is necessary. 

 I actually do enjoy days like these, from the inside looking out, obviously; the hair darlings! The hair! Can’t get the hair wet, except on the days, when I intentionally want to get it wet (that’s on wash days, of course).  Anyway, I digress, cloudy, rainy, misty days encourage cuddles and snuggles,  they support hot cocoa, hot clam chowder and Netflix or a good romance novel. But then,  if you’re outside and get caught in the rain, then days like these tell a very different story. 

Such is life isn’t it? For some the rain brings pleasure, while for others, it offers nothing but sorrow.  Perhaps we need to change our perspective, mayharps, we need to see things differently. It’s difficult to be happy during desolate, daunting, discouraging, disappointing days.  Isn’t it distressing how many ‘d’ words describe the same mood?

For some 2020 has brought nothing, but pain and sorrow and although nine months have gone by, some are still in the month of March.  On the other hand, for others, 2020 has been just what the doctor ordered. They’ve used this time to draw closer to the Lord and to their family.  The time has been used to perhaps save marriages and bond with kids. 

Believe it or not, trials and tribulations and testings is no respecter of persons.  Be you rich or poor, fat or skinny, black or white, tall or short, young or old, Christian or not,  everyone, on more than one occasion will experience difficult days. 

Days like these have been sent our way to serve a purpose. We’ve been called to trust the Lord, to believe in what we can’t see, to hope for promises to be fulfilled.  To be; to remain in the state of joyfulness, though our circumstances may seem dire.  I can choose to sing in the sing, or moan and whine in the rain, neither will change the fact that it’s raining, and I can do nothing about that.  What I have control over is my attitude towards the rain. Shall I sing? Shall I moan? If I choose to moan, how am I different from those who do not know the Lord? 

They too will experience dark days, who will comfort their hearts? Who will stand with them? Who can take away the pain and also accept the cares of this world? We know Someone.  He is bigger and stronger than our problems, He is Wiser than our issues, and He loves us; oh, how He loves us.  We know that in our heads, we have proof of that in our lives, we just have to remember that in the desperate days.  

Perhaps on days like these, we can be an example to those who need a Savior.  Perhaps on days on like these, our testimony will lead others to know about our Lord.  After all, life isn’t just about us, is it? 

Shall we sing together, Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain? 

I’m singin’ in the rain
Just singin’ in the rain
What a glorious feeling
I’m happy again.
I’m laughing at clouds.
So dark up above,
The sun’s in my heart
And I’m ready for love.

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42 responses to “SINGING IN THE RAIN”

  1. I never saw/heard it before, but Gene Kelly’s song can be about our Christ Jesus! We can sing in the rain of dismal circumstances because of the glorious feeling we have on the inside. We can laugh at clouds because the Son’s in our hearts and we’re ready for His love. Thank you, Brenda, for that bit of golden sunshine right there!

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  2. I know 100% how you feel about the rain. The hair, baby. The hair lol. It’s amazing. I’m learning how to rely and trust God more when I’m going through the trials, hardships and rain. This year has been a training camp to trust God more in order to be a light to those who have no hope. Jesus said that we would experience tribulation. The rain is necessary. How else would we appreciate the flowers that grow from it?


  3. This reminds me that we are to “count it all joy,” and “in all things give thanks.”
    We are in need of rain in our neck of the woods. We have areas of marginal and up to severe drought. And to think that last year was such a time of flooding!
    Thank you for your blessings!

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  4. We need rain desperately! I have never, in my 15 years of living here, seen it this dry. My husband has lived here for almost 30 and he has never seen it this dry. It’s the driest it has been in our area for over 100 years. Our falls are always marked by persistent and constant rain. The ground is dry. Our well is the lowest it has ever been (our water table is so much lower than normal that we are actually concerned about running out of water if we aren’t careful with our usage). This has been a strange one for us weather wise. But then, the summer was odd, as has been the spring 🙂 It’s just one of those times. However, rather than worrying, I know God is holding us in His hands. I know He has great plans for us. I firmly and absolutely believe this and whenever worry starts to creep in, I cling to this knowledge. Great is our God. 🙂 God Bless, my friend!!

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  5. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that God’s good works are always in motion to work in our best interest regardless of what we see in the world around us based on our limited human perspective. Blessings to you on this rainy day for above the clouds of darkness, the Son still shines!

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  6. Our fall is also overcast and rainy. The kids are sad to stay inside, but I am being reminded that the Lord is watching out for our needs. The ground needs rain! Singing in the rain… and dancing in it too. God bless you this week. ~Linda

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