Hello friends, how are you today? Go ahead, tell me in the comments… I’ll wait.   Good, now that we’re back, I’m fine today, thank you for asking.  Jazz and I are again at the kitchen window.  She is such a big cat that she literally takes up all the available space.  She is convinced that the squirrels are afraid of her, that her presence keeps them at bay.  I’m not going to disabuse her of that notion.  

The birds still flitter from tree to tree in search of food, the cardinals are my favorite, the very distinguished red of the males is truly beautiful; the blue jays are a close second.  Creation speaks, does it not? I think nature is a ‘she’, because of its beauty.  Although most of nature’s beauty goes to the males, (especially among the birds) but still… let’s go with nature is ‘she’.  

Creation says, “come closer, take deep breathes, listen, be still, look around and look up”.  This time of the year brings so much beauty with a variety of the colors and smells.   People in my neck of the woods move a bit faster, because fall does not last very long around here.  Blink and the leaves will be on the ground, the trees will be bare and wintery temperatures will be the norm.  In the meantime, we hurry to take in the sights and sounds before the silence of winter takes hold.  

Photo by Harvey Reed on

Life is to be enjoyed and lived fully.  Life is to be shared and embraced fully.  Life is about people as much as it is about me.  Life is about relationships, especially with the God of the Universe first and foremost. A relationship with the Lord fosters harmonious bonds with others. When we know the love of God, that knowledge and belief frees us to love people, with all their quirks and warts; imagine that.  

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38 responses to “CAN YOU HEAR IT?”

  1. Beautiful, love the photos!!

    I’m not sure how people can look at the beauty all around us and not see that it points to God in regard to those who don’t believe in Him!!

    I am incredibly thankful for the fall weather but you are right— blink and it is gone quickly so we must live in the moment and enjoy it!

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  2. Love your photos….here in California there is fire everywhere…north, south, east and west. We are praying for rain. The smoke is causing more respiratory issues than covid, but God is on the move and we are excited to see what He is doing!

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  3. What a lovely fall day you are having in your neck of woods! I’m enjoying a bout with my elliptical and listening to my favorite sounds of nature! Loved the pics, Brenda! You are looking as spunky and beautiful as ever! 💜🍁

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  4. You are so encouraging Brenda! You look stunning in the first picture by the way. And the pictures were perfect! How fun and enjoyable. Don’t we serve a wonderful God? He blesses us with so much surrounding beauty if only we are still and look and listen. God bless you and yours!

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  5. I feel great! It’s a beautiful and rare fall day in Texas. The high temps are coming back soon but today, I’m going to love every minute of the cool low of 51 and fabulous hi of 74. Thank you Jesus for this bonus fall day!

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