Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? Wow friends, can you believe November is here already? In about eight weeks, Christmas will be here and nine and a half weeks from today, we will be assuring in a new year and just like that, 2021 will be another year down in the … More TALK ABOUT IT


Hey friends, happy, happy new year!! How are you, today? I missed you all, but this down time was so needful, especially because both girls were there with us.  Time flies way too quickly, doesn’t it? And 2020 gave a very grime picture of just how quickly time flies. Time spent with each other is simply … More ALL IS NEW AGAIN


Hey friends, how are you today? There is snow on the ground, and it’s cold; a miserly 28° and that’s the high temperature today. Usually, days like these call for comfort robes and socks and Netflix and cuddles.  But today, I have to go out and comfort robes, socks and Netflix will have to wait.  A … More THE POUNCING GOD


Good morning friends, how are you today? Well, that’s it for fall, here in my neck of the woods.   The leaves, still on the trees have past their peak and with a slight wind,  most will be on the ground.  Our temperature today is a chilly 36°, although it feels as though it is 28°; winter is in … More SURE vs.UNSURE