Good morning friends, how are you today? Well, that’s it for fall, here in my neck of the woods.   The leaves, still on the trees have past their peak and with a slight wind,  most will be on the ground.  Our temperature today is a chilly 36°, although it feels as though it is 28°; winter is in sight.  Thankfully, we’ve not yet had any snow, although I can’t say the same for a few other states more to our west.  Well, snow is inevitable in my neighborhood; not if, just a matter of when.  Life may come with several uncertainties, but winter isn’t one of them.  

Life indeed comes with so much we can’t control; so many unpredictables, so many uncertainties, yet so much remains unchanging and so much is sure.  Throughout this year, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have the tendency to concentrate on the unknowns rather than the known. I’ve become a bit fixated on the uncertainties rather than the certain.  I found myself rather anxious and fearful for the parts I could not control, rather than embrace the peace and rest that is found in the truth. There are not many things we can count on to remain the same, not much in life is dependable, but indeed there is much to be thankful for in this life. 

Salvation is free and available to anyone who desires it.   God is love and His love is unfailing and unwavering. His perfect love for us does not depend on us; it does not depend on us to be good nor to do good.  God is faithful; He is faithful to Himself, to His attributes; He cannot lie, He cannot break His promise, His Word is truth.  God is good; in all, He does good and in everything, He is good.  God forgives, He does not withhold grace and mercy to those who desire it.  

There is so much more about the One True God that is predictable and sure, let’s hold on to what we know to be true, rather than focus on what we cannot control.  Leave it to the One, Who is in control.  

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46 responses to “SURE vs.UNSURE”

  1. Lovely pictures. Our temps have not dipped lower than the mid 50’s so far. Enjoy your snow when it arrives lol. I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness and that He never changes. Thank you Brenda. 🍁❤️🍁

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  2. Xx sometimes when you are at peace with yourself you want closure of the old past you find inspiration in nature because it’s peaceful you look at the trees created by mother nature the perfection the grandeur the leaves are different colours that is the beauty of mother nature oh peaceful that’s what freedom like in the eyes of the holy spirit in body of your world flashbacks of heaven amen 🙏

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  3. Praise God for the certainties we can cling to because he is forever loving, faithful, and true to His children and the sovereign power over the universe. Thank you for your uplifting words, Brenda, AND the stunning photos!

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  4. WoW! Concentrating on the unknowns instead of the knowns; uncertainties rather than the certain; the fearful for the parts I could not control, rather than embrace the peace and rest that is found in the truth! You just described my year!! Then I wrote the blog I will publish in the morning on! He knows how to give us perfect peace even in these times if we focus on Him instead of the things going on around us!
    love and prayers, c.a.

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  5. The reds are my favorites. 😊🍁🍂
    Do you get to go on these walks right from your home, or do you have to drive to get there? I do so enjoy walking in God’s beauty. And I appreciate that He gives me the eyes to see it.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty and peace.

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