Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? Wow friends, can you believe November is here already? In about eight weeks, Christmas will be here and nine and a half weeks from today, we will be assuring in a new year and just like that, 2021 will be another year down in the history books.  And while the future kids of tomorrow year read about past times and past people, we get to live out today’s year.  While they read about our lives in the future; today, we live out the stories found in their history books.  

I have found that most history books consist primarily of the destructions and disasters of mankind.  Most history books tell of the rise and fall of one cause or another, or of one group of people over another.  The wins and loses are taken into account but  history books are rarely written from a place of neutrality.  

2020 and 2021 will certainly go down in the history books.  The past two years have brought so many unprecedented events, some will even complain of whiplash.  There has been diseases, natural disasters, and local and global disagreements to just name a few and that’s just out there.  At home, not only are we affected by these phenomena, but we also must deal with life’s inevitable lemons.  

Good times are rarely talked about in the history books, they may be given a paragraph here or there, but happy moments are seldom remembered, even by God’s people.  We uphold the problems for all to see, but scarcely talk about the answered prayers.  Isn’t it disappointing when someone asks for prayer for an issue and never shares how that prayer was answered? 

Do you know the Lord hears and answers all the prayers of His people? Every single prayer from every single believer is heard and a response is given every single time.  At times, ‘yes’ is instant but at times, ‘yes’ may take years.  Sometimes the Lord says ‘no’ and still (most) other times, He says ‘wait’. His perfect love and His faithfulness and His mercy and His grace promise us the best answer every single time.    

When we bring these life’s issues before Him, He says don’t be like everyone else and remember only the past disasters, He tells us to recall the good times too.  Bring the past happy times to the Lord too.  Reminisce over the times, the Lord answered this and that prayer, over the times, He gave this and that.

Life throws us curve balls; the unexpected, unwanted, and unappreciated obstacles that too often bring us worry and anxiety.  These troubles come to hasten our feet into the Lord’s presence, but while there we need to also remember the good things too; the remembering is for our good.  The Lord has no problems with His memory.  He forgets nothing, except our sins when we confess them.  We remember the answered prayers for our sake.

  1. We’ve been told to be thankful.  The Lord does not give suggestions, leaving room for negotiations, He gives commands.  To do less is to sin against Him. 
  2. Thankfulness for His faithfulness gives today’s problems perspective. It changes how we view these problems.  Thanksgiving shrinks the present problems because it reminds us of the magnitude of our God.
  3. Thankfulness brings peace and joy because our eyes are no longer sorely focused on the problems, now we see and admire God’s graciousness. 
  4. Thankfulness gives us endurance because we don’t know when our issues will be resolved.  It may take years, but when we recall the Lord’s goodness to us, we have the patience to wait. 
  5. Thankfulness helps us to trust God.  When we stand in awe of His great power and might, we know and believe that nothing is impossible with Him.  He can be trusted.  

Life’s disasters and destructions are inevitable, but we do not have to revel in these only.  Of course, we should delight in the problems because it is another opportunity for our God to display His goodness toward us.  While there, let us also tell of the good times, it is for our good.  

What are some things for which you are thankful?

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27 responses to “TALK ABOUT IT”

  1. Through the generations in God’s family, what a glorious history and tradition we have of “setting stones of remembrance” of God at work in our lives. To remember what He has done. To cause our children to ask, What do these stones mean? Every stone we set each time God does something in us/for us/through us not only give us cause to rejoice, strengthening and encouraging us. But each time we re-visit those stones we’ve set, we are strengthened and encouraged all over again. God is so faithful!

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  2. This is so good, Brenda! Probably one of my favorites that you’ve written! I had to jot down notes in my journal and I put scripture to go with those five things of thankfulness as well.❤️So good!! Praise to Him!

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  3. I think I agree with you, Brenda. People tend to focus on the negative things than the positive ones that demand appreciation. When somebody dies, the news spread like fire; but when somebody is celebrating a wedding or birthday, we become reluctant to spread the good news. A man entered into this negative phase since the fell of the wicked one (Gen.6:5). There is a need for us to reprogram our imaginative faculty into the positive realm. God thinks, and He thinks positively (Jeremiah. 29:11). For me, I thank God for a successful wedding in 2021. God bless.

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  4. I am thankful for my sister and family history.
    Funny you bring up history. We are going through and scanning tubfuls of family photos that my folks passed to me. Wow, it’s overwhelming. But we found a photo album my grandma made, from 100 years ago. It was interesting, handling that album and reading her writing, and being mindful that it was all done a HUNDRED years ago! Lots of other family photos as well. Living history, passed down.
    We are scanning it all, then handing out thumbdrives to all the family members.

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  5. I am thankful that God never gave up on me! Here is the thing about prayers that always gets to me. When I hear people claim. God didn’t answer my prayers. Yes, he did but sometimes that answer is no. Whether we like it or not NO is an answer. Think about it if someone ask you for $100 and you say no. Did you not give an answer to their petition? It’s the same with God. I think we as a people need to stop saying God didn’t answer a prayer. He always does. Its just that sometimes we don’t like his answer.

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  6. So many – but especially thankful that the members of my family who got Covid have survived. So thankful that my church is able to gather together in worship again. So thankful that I have had my husband by my side through these crazy two years.

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  7. Amen! I just heard a reminder on the radio today that it’s okay to celebrate God’s victories in your life this past year. How wonderful it would be to actually have a celebration to give thanks for all His good and mighty gifts and actually reflect on them? Great post, and keep up the writing!

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  8. Reminds me of how when you show someone a white sheet of paper and ask, “What do you see?” they will look as closely as possible to note one tiny little black dot and announce proudly, “Ohho! I found it!”
    All the while they will not “see” the expanse of white paper around the black dot. So sad.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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