Hey friends, how are you today? Phew!! The past few days have brought chills to our neck of the woods.  One of the neighborhoods to our north received nine inches of snow! Most of us in my neck of the woods held our collective breath because this was just too close for comfort.  Of course, we want the snow, we just don’t want it right now! Perhaps for a moment on December 25th and then again for a few days in January, but that’s all. But I suppose that will be asking for too much, I am almost sure I will tell you of our first snowfall sometime this month.  What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? 

Have you ever hungered for something, then it seemed that you may just receive it, only for it to be snatched from your very fingers? Have you ever been there? Recently a sweet friend suffered a similar loss.  She prayed and we prayed about a situation in her life, and it seemed like she was going to have her prayers answered in the affirmative, only it turned out the answer was either ‘wait’ or ‘no’. 

I had a similar situation a few years ago.  We had prayed and prayed for a baby and then (yeah!) we got pregnant.  We were so excited and thankful and when we crossed that three-month threshold, we thought we were home free.  We began planning for baby’s arrival and settled on possible names for a boy and for a girl.  Then almost into the fifth month, doctors could not detect a heartbeat. 

I could not believe this was happening.  Why Lord? Lord, you could have said ‘no’ from the very beginning, why after four months?   

It is difficult to ‘see’ the good in situations, such as these.  Like me, this friend’s faith in the Lord’s goodness is shaky. She has no more prayer requests because then she can’t be hurt if her prayers are not a ‘yes’ answer.  She says the Lord will do what He wants anyway, why bother, right? 

Sometimes analyzing our feelings can be tricky.  It can be difficult to decipher our feelings.  Most of us can be so crushed that we give up; we surrender, but not to the Lord.  We surrender to hopelessness.  We give up hope.   We may think and even say to ourselves that it didn’t matter.  But the truth is the words and our feelings do not align.  Sometimes discouragement can seem like trust because they are both a form of surrender. But when we surrender to the Lord there is hope.  He brings peace and joy to our lives.  If there isn’t that, then more than likely we are struggling with our faith.  And friends, that’s ok if we struggle in the presence of the Lord.  Struggle in His presence; stay there.  Talk to the Lord through this, I promise you, He is an excellent Listener.  And the beauty of it, is that He will not leave us there.  Eventually, we will have that hope, that peace that was always there, but our feelings got in the way.  

It’s a good thing the Lord deals with feelings.  He knows and understands our feelings.  I have reminded her to keep talking to the Lord, tell Him of those feelings and keep on telling Him until one day, the pain will diminish. Read the Bible and keep reading until the desire to read has returned.  The Lord delights in honesty and of course, He already knows exactly how we feel anyway.  Give Him those feelings. Believe me He isn’t breakable; He can handle it.  

Life throws us curve balls friends, trust the Lord with your feelings.   

Have you ever had something you’ve always wanted snatched from your hand? 

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  1. I am so glad we can be honest with the Lord and our feelings. I once had a friend very upset with me because I told God I was mad at him. I had to smile because I thought so if I don’t say it – God will never know. Of course He knows my heart and I am so glad when I told Him I was mad that He did not strike me down, but sent His love to comfort me.

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    • Amen 🙏🏽 sometimes I think we regard the Lord as an Ogre, always at the ready to strive us down when we do not respond well to some situations when the truth is He already knows. And Hw desires that we walk and talk with Him even about the emotions

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  2. Apt! He is such a good daddy after all. The talking to Him part helps me when I’m feeling unfair in situation and down by the outcome. In it all, we can trust Him to show up and grant us His strength.

    My condolence to your friend. I pray for comfort for her heart. 🙏🏻

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  3. Thanks Brenda for sharing your heart here. It’s so true that we can share everything with the Lord. Our hurts, our thoughts and our disappointments. It doesn’t make Him angry when we come to Him with our feelings.

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  4. Thank you Brenda for this encouragement. It can be difficult at times when we are trying to hear from God. Sometimes His message is clear, other times we miss the mark, we think we heard correctly only to find our differently later on. Sorry for your loss. ❤️

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  5. ❤️Praying for her as she faces this trial, and thank you for sharing your own story. Unanswered prayers or prayers not answered in the way we hoped for is difficult, but yet another opportunity for our faith to grow as we lean in and trust that His ways and plans are perfect, higher, and better. Oh how this life is so tough at times but as Christians our hope is in Him and an promised eternity Heavenward (someday).

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  6. It kind of comes down to who is on your throne. When we are at rock-bottom, when nothing has gone “our way,” and we are hurt, discouraged, and sick of everything; we must go to God and talk about who is on the throne of our heart. Yes, we are allowed all those feelings. But if we turn away from God, it means we have made ourselves god, and disagree with how He is running things.
    We can argue with God, but we always know Who is right.

    We’ve had lovely weather: upper 50s and 60s, sunny. We know we’ll get hit with winter, but we are enjoying what we have now.

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  7. Yes, we share in the hard trials of life, the answers to prayers we don’t understand, that’s when we have a choice-keep looking to his word and trust, or stop living life to its fullest. The greater our sorrow, the greater His comfort.

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  8. One of our biggest challenges in learning to pray is learning that prayer is NOT just to use God as an errand boy to do our bidding. Prayer is to get to know Him and His heart more clearly. That comes through provisions, both miraculous and casual, but it mostly comes from spending time with our Father, learning how HE thinks.
    Think of when you would sit on your daddy’s lap; were you always asking for something from him, or were there times just to enjoy his love and care and listen to his voice? And that is only a small thing compared to Father’s love for us.

    BTW, I always assumed you were south of Lex, KY, maybe Georgia or Alabama, but I think it only snowed in Michigan this week! So fortunate to live in a great northern place with “real winter!” 😁
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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    • I live in the CNY area (central New York) and we do have the real winter over here 😅😅 we count the snow fall ❄️ in feet 😅😅. We spend too few times in our Heavenly Father’s presence with the intent to spend time with Him telling Him of our joy in His presence. Wonderful reminder, my friend

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  9. I am learning that we can always be honest with God about how we feel. When his answer to our prayers is no or wait. He is not like man who will condemn us when we feel weak in faith. I have been where your friend is (not the same situation) with the why bother. God will do what he wants anyway. We bother cause God cares how we feel. There was plenty of times when I told God I am mad about what didn’t happen. I am hurt about what didn’t transpire not because I didn’t have the faith of it not happening, but because I did have the faith for it yet the answer was no. This side of heaven we may never understand the Why. I am learning however to value my relationship with God. The raw honesty that I can express to him in my pain. Even when its ugly. I can say it like this. I have never been married but I know that I wouldn’t want a husband where I couldn’t communicate to him my hurts or disappointments. Or pain. Our relationship with God is one where we can express our true authentic feelings. If that makes sense.

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