Hey friends, how are you today? Ok that’s it, the last Friday in October.  Ten months friends, ten months have all but slipped into the past.  I don’t know where the time went; I can’t even remember what I’ve done throughout the past months. Someone once said, we remember the very high points and the very low points in our lives, in other words we remember the extreme points. The past almost two years has brought a sever case of uncertainties in our lives.  We’ve lived lives that are far from our usual normal.  At the beginning of this pandemic, I longed for the normal. I wanted and waited for my life to return to normal.  I was convinced that this wouldn’t last very long, so I waited and waited.  But life as I knew it, has not returned and I’m not sure now I want it to return.  Here a few things I’ve learnt from these past months.

  1. God is faithful.  I think that has become my mantra throughout these past months.  God is faithful, He has been and always will be faithful.  He remains Who He is, He does not change. He is mighty, His strength is unsurpassable, His power knows no bounds. He loves unconditionally, He gives cheerfully, His mercy is limitless.   
  2. Life is short.  Of course, I always knew that, but this pandemic brought this fact closer to home.  Time is precious.  For a while there, I did not value the time I had been granted.  There was so little to do, that most times I did nothing. To some extent, I was waiting for ‘normal life’. 
  3. Make memories with loves ones. Go on vacation, explore new spaces, take photos.  
  4. Set personal goals and see them through.  Make the goals achievable. Ensure they are fun and entertaining.  
  5. Be patient with yourself and with others, especially. Some still struggle with this new normal, grant then the time to reach that point too.  

Throughout these past few months, our world has undergone quite a few changes, some perhaps more permanent than others.  As the world around change, we also have to adapt.  We cannot lose sight of the big picture.  Time spent with the Lord must be the most important activity in our lives in order to live our best lives.  

How are you doing? What have you learnt from this pandemic?

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35 responses to “5 PANDEMIC LESSONS”

  1. Many of us thought this pandemic would be temporary. Now nearing two years it’s definitely caused challenges and heartache. My family and I have sought comfort in the Holy Scriptures. One passage is Revelation 21:3,4. To know that our Heavenly Father promises a life free from pain and death is truly something to look forward to.

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  2. I think it has made me more aware of the need to be patient. Waiting lines in the doctor’s office, shortness of workers make waiting for food when dining out longer. As I realize so many are working short-staffed, long hours, I find I so much easier to just stop and breathe and not get upset at waiting times.

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  3. That is a very good blog. full of realization, this world becomes worst, the only we need to do is prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ. and pray for more strength for the coming chaos in this world. I have a blog about Christians Cannot Escape persecutions.

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  4. These are all good lessons. The pandemic drew our attention back to what is important. Reminds me of Ephesians 5:15, “Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise…”

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  5. Those are some pretty authentic, enduring lessons! Good ones.
    I have learned, as you have, that God is always good, always faithful. I’ve also been learning the value of relationships, and how important it is to have real connections with people. Cyberspace is fine for keeping in touch, but the “real” stuff is necessary.

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  6. I have learned that difficulties open opportunities to share the Hope we have in Jesus. More of these have opened up by invitation in the past year and a half than in the previous decade! People fearing death are more willing to listen to someone who claims to know the Lord of Life. Hallelujah!

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