Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? Wow friends, can you believe November is here already? In about eight weeks, Christmas will be here and nine and a half weeks from today, we will be assuring in a new year and just like that, 2021 will be another year down in the … More TALK ABOUT IT


Hey friends, how are you today? I love the sounds of the birds and the squirrels in the early mornings. Who gets more space near the window is always a battle fought between Jazz and me.  She rarely leaves any space for my coffee cup when she decides to stretch her entire body across the sill; … More TODAY IS A GOOD DAY


Hey friends, how are you doing today? It is another beautiful day in my neighborhood. Our temperature will raise to almost 80° today with bright, beautiful sunshine.  I love days like these; days of blue skies, warmth, and plenty of sunshine, certainly today does not feel like fall.  Although I enjoy the colors of autumn, it’s temperature … More BUT WILL YOU, THO?


Hey friends, how are you today? Today… how are you doing?  I am doing fine, thank you for asking.   My sweetheart took me out for dinner last night, which certainly contributed toward a fabulous week.   The weather has been wonderful, even with the rain and temperatures have been in the 70°(s).  It has truly been a productive week because … More SEPTEMBER FAVORITES