Hey friends, how are you today? Just today… busy, to some extent, has returned to our lives, so how are you doing today? Today began with the sounds of the various birds in our neighborhood making their morning calls.  The robins, cardinals, finches, black birds, and others are all in attendance today with nary a worry in their pretty, little heads because they trust their Creator to provide them with food, clothing, and shelter.  They flitter from tree to tree as they sing their songs of worship to the God of the Universe.  

I love spring.  There is a freshness, a newness of life that comes with this season.  The trees give a slight shake as they awake from their winter slumber.  The silent bell tolls and tells them it is time to accept the rays of the sun and lift their bowed heads to reach for the beauty of the skies. The hibernating creatures like the groundhogs slowly wonder around as they reacquaint themselves with their surroundings.  The ability to ‘walk‘ on water, because of the frozen lakes’ fades, as the solid once again becomes liquid.  The silence is replaced by the sounds of voices as we engage in conversations with neighbors we had not seen since the fall.  Laughter once again can be heard as the kids take their first voluntary steps outside to greet and play with old and new friends. Although summer is still aways off, the parks are filled as outdoor sports make their way to the fields.

I love spring because it tells me that what was once dead can be given new life.  Spring whispers “it is time to wake up”.  Spring brings growth and encourages budding and blooming.  Spring says, “look up, child”.  Spring demands that we look back and evaluate our state of being. Spring asks the questions; who do you want to be? Who are you becoming? How are you going to become that person? Where are you going? Where would you rather go instead? How are you going to get there? Springs says it is time to make plans because growth will take place and crooked it will be if no plans are made to be straight.   Spring allows the sunlight to filter through the windows onto that Bible that has yet to be opened with a call to worship the One True God. “Spend time with The Creator”, spring says, “open that two-way conversation”.  He talks and we talk too.   Perhaps you are unaware, but He wakes up His creation, the birds and trees and the hibernating creatures and they in turn worship as they obey.  He desires to wake us up too, but unlike the birds of the air, He needs our agreement.

Now is the time for us to wake up.  There is work to be done. We each have a job to do, and our response needs to be, “yes Sir”. Wake up, it is the only way we can be intentional on this journey of Christian living. Awake and look up to the God of the Universe. Obedience is not an option; it is the only response to the standard to which we have been called.  That standard is holiness and righteousness, obedience puts us on the path.  

Unfortunately, but fortunately for us, we are not good people. We have been told so throughout Scripture. There is not one, save Jesus Christ Himself, who can claim to be good.  The Mighty God of the Universe declares the qualities of good and He says we all fall short of that standard.  

Because He is good, He has provided us with the necessary tools to claim that ‘good’ title.  But first, we must remove the sleepiness from our eyes and awake from our slumber because too soon spring will give way to summer. If we fail now to spend time with Lord, in His Word and in prayer, if we fail to put into practice what we have read and heard, then rather than being molded and shaped, time will bring snipes and cuts to our lives instead.  

Springtime motivates growth. Growth is instinctive.  Shall we grow crooked or straight? How do you plan to grow?

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  1. So thankful for the refreshing feeling of Spring and for your post. This is the second time this morning that I’ve read the verse from Matthew 6 about God caring for the birds, and us not needing to worry because He will care for us as well! …I need to soak that in!😉

    Love the truth you wrote here Brenda: ‘Obedience is not an option; it is the only response to the standard to which we have been called. That standard is holiness and righteousness, obedience puts us on the path.’

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  2. It’s time for us to “Arise”!
    I like your analogy of how spring wakes the plants up. I still thought of this recently. It’s graceful how God has created all of His creations to adapt and thrive in all seasons. 🙌🏼

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  3. I may be backwards in my growth. For it’s usually through the winter months when I’m not as busy doing that I find growth in the study of the word. But then again, that’s growing in knowledge. I guess with spring and summer comes growing more in the application of what was learned in the winter. Good post.

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  4. I also love spring and seeing all of the new buds and hearing the calls of the birds to each other. It always reminds me that I have made it through another winter and there is new life all around me.

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