Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? I’ve had a great week, although our temperatures have been below seasonal for most of the week, except Thursday when it was a fabulous 72°. It was a great week partly because our baby spent her spring break with us.  “Children are” indeed “a gift from the Lord…Psalm 127:3. I have learnt to appreciate every moment with them, especially as they have passed that teenage stage, because too soon they will leave to begin families of their own.  

Although we began the week with several inches of snow on the ground, I am quite happy to report that Thursday’s fabulous temperature has brought spring back to our neck of the woods.  Praise the Lord! 

March has brought busyness into our lives, once more.  I am not quite sure how I feel about that.  On one hand I am thankful for the normalcy busyness brings but on the other hand I appreciated the slow, the quiet, the almost laziness of the past two years.   But as we have spoken about before, today matters.  We are thankful for the respite the past two years have brought us, for the changes and adjustments we have had to make to our environment, to our lives.  Prayerfully, we’ve changed along with our world for our betterment.  Prayerfully our time with the Lord has been well spent.  We’ve garnered a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the God of the universe from the time spent with Him and in His Word along the way. The beauty of life is the time it gives us to become more like Christ and of course the opportunities to appreciate the beauty He brings to our lives in return. 

The month of March has also brought our family some travel opportunities, here is our March in photos. Remember I said I took a photography class with a real camera? Well.. these are a few of the photos:

Chittenango Falls, NY

Old Erie Canal State Historic Park

NYC (you know)

Just because I think sunsets tells of the beauty that is the God of the Universe. What were some things you did throughout the month of March?

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26 responses to “MARCH IN PHOTOS”

  1. Oh, you can melt me with a stunning sunset!
    That video was so crisp and clear! I could see every branch.
    Nice work with your camera. Looks like you enjoyed your travels. Spring is so up and down; it really revs me up for the real change.

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  2. Hi Brenda, I love the photos, and the video was great. I am looking forward to spring, the flowers, dogwoods, flowering shrubs, and sunshine. Have a wonderful April! 💖🌷🌺

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  3. Anita and I have been to Lake Erie in Ohio and to Buffalo, but when we went through PA and turned north after New York. Now I have to add the Old Erie Canal to my bucket list!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us! Those are amazing photographs! God’s creation is stunning to say the least! We’ve had beautiful spring weather, so our month was spent working on our vegetable garden and chicken coop as our chicks arrive today. Again thank you for the post and the reminder that we only have today! God bless.❤️

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