Hey friends, how are you doing? It is currently a gorgeous, sunny 33° day, in my neighborhood and it feels wonderful.  Can you believe it? I absolutely love days like these.  Bright, beautiful, sunny days whisper words of joy and beauty to my soul. Days like these, although they begin on the chilly side, they whisper, “spring is here, spring is here”.  Days like these remind me to make every moment count; to welcome and sock up the rays of sunshine, because too soon thunderstorms will inevitably make its way here. 

Is God only God of the sunshine though? Is He still God of the thunderstorms? When it thunders and lightning strikes too close to home, has God abdicated His throne? Does He not care, when we are about to drown under the weight of the storms creating havoc in our lives? Well, we do know the answers to these questions. 

In our heads, we do know that He will never leave us, not forsake us [Hebrews 13:5]. In our heads, we do know that He is faithful (II Timothy 2:13).  In our heads, we do know that our ‘help comes from the Lord’ (Psalm 121:2).  In our heads, we know that He keeps no record of our wrongs (I Corinthians 13:3; Psalm 130:3). Perhaps like me, you could quote from memory every promise, the Lord has said in His Word.  But my response to the rainy days in my life determines whether I believe what I know.  

Truth is immutable; unchanging.  Truth does not need my belief to validate or give life to it.  We know that the God of heaven cannot lie, nope; there is no deceit found in my God.  He keeps His Word! (Numbers 23:19)

Why then do I allow fear to overtake me? Why do I allow fear to control my actions? When thunderstorms come my way, why is my soul despondent? Why do I worry; why am I anxious? Can it be because I don’t believe what I know? I think we’ve all been there, right? Most times, I dare say, times like these do take us by surprise.  Usually, I wake up one morning and think to myself, how did I get there? 

Sometimes, gorgeous, beautiful, bright sunny days can cause me to forget what I know to be true.  I begin to get sloppy in my time with the Lord.  I slowly and inevitably and undoubtedly lay down my armor, allowing the enemy to whisper lies and half truths.  I go on in this manner, until the thunder and lightning strikes, then in my tears I ask the Lord, why did He abandon me? Why did He leave me? I thought You said You loved me, why are You nowhere to be found? 

Even as the words come out of my mouth, I know they aren’t true, but that’s how I feel at the moment.  These are the feelings that now control my subsequent actions if I don’t hasten my steps back to the Lord’s presence. Sometimes I equate knowing as believing, but they aren’t the same things, are they? We are told in II Timothy 3:16,17, that the word of God is profitable for ‘doctrine’.  Although doctrine begins with knowing, it culminates in belief. My belief in the Word of God demonstrates itself in my actions.  

Sometimes beautiful, bright, sunny days are not always a good indicator of my beliefs.  On days like these, there is very little need to actively display trust, for faithfulness to be exercised (remember, we walk by faith, not by sight, II Corinthians 5:7).  On days, when the thunder roars and the waves crash, these are the days that indicate our beliefs.  Especially, when five days later or five years later, the thunder continues to roar, and the waves still crash.  A persistent dose of the Word of God keeps the fear at bay.  A persistent dose of being in the presence of the Holy and Righteous God strengthens our beliefs.   Keeping a record of past blessings remind us of His Word.  Naming them one by one and sharing the wonder of past answered prayers with friends and family secures the beliefs.  Every time, repeating that memorized verse sends the anxiousness and worry scuttling back to its owner.  

The meteorologist has forecasted a day of thunderstorms in our near future, and you know what? I think I can handle it.  How about you? 

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32 thoughts on “RAIN DROPS STILL FALL, BUT…

  1. “A persistent dose of the Word of God keeps the fear at bay. A persistent dose of being in the presence of the Holy and Righteous God strengthens our beliefs. Keeping a record of past blessings remind us of His Word. Naming them one by one and sharing the wonder of past answered prayers with friends and family secures the beliefs. Every time, repeating that memorized verse sends the anxiousness and worry scuttling back to its owner. ” To which I would add, consistently being under the solid teaching of His Word keeps us from twisting the truth when we are confused and shores up our faith. Feeding on brothers and sisters in true Christ focused fellowship prevents us from wondering off on pity parties and false beliefs. Seeking to witness fortifies our purpose in the world and our trust in His promises. There are more spiritual disciplines than the personal and private ones. We need each other.

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  2. I’m an odd duck. Sunny days are nice now and then, but I’ve always had a preference for cloudy ones since reading The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch by Donald Patten. Everyone seems to slow down a little when it rains, and priorities become more evident. (Hmm, oh, it’s raining, let’s skip going to church?)
    So enjoy your sunshine, but I’ll wait for an overcast and drizzle to really get my groove on. 😄

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  3. I don’t like storms because we frequently lose our power if the storm is really bad. But that is just surface. God has always taken care of us during the outages. Kind of when I’m feeling really low, that is when God sends His Holy Spirit to comfort me and bring me back to the reality of His love for me.

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  4. There is no deceit in God; He keeps His promises. We need to trust Him with our concerns, go to Him in prayer, and have faith. Thanks for the reminder to soak in the Word and let go of fear and worries. 🌺

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  5. You are preaching the truth today! Those stressful days have a way of provoking feelings that expose what we really believe. Back to the Bible so that we can soak in the true heart of God… which is ALWAYS for us!

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  6. We had a bunch of tornadoes in Texas yesterday with damage to homes and businesses. Thankfully my area was not in the direct path. I see that storm is still heading northeast. Hopefully it will die out before it gets to you. Trusting God moment by moment.

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  7. So relatable for me!! It’s sometimes easy to have that head-knowledge but to have that heart-peace is a whole other story!! Ahhh thank the Lord He is patient with us as we are becoming and arriving!❤️

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  8. Yes, yes, YES!
    “Truth is immutable; unchanging. Truth does not need my belief to validate or give life to it.” Great truth!
    Isaiah 26.3, 4 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength”

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    1. a persistent DOSE…. sheesh!! I need more coffee… Brenda, for some reason the “Like” button isn’t showing up in my broswer however it is NOT on your end… it may have to do with the last update on Firefox..

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