Hey friends, how are you today? Take a minute to evaluate your state of being, how are you today? Just today.   Some days I long for the days of old.  Although, some would say I grew up in a somewhat dysfunctional household, I had a wonderful childhood.  I had (and still do have) great friends, a caring brother and fabulous sisters and cousins, without whose friendships I would not have dared to try half of the activities I did.  Oh, the peer pressure! We went horseback riding (I was terrified of horses).  We went to the beach constantly and used floats which would take us so far out when none of us could swim (I still can’t).  We got up at 5:00am to go running before school (we were still in elementary school, for crying out loud!).  We went camping (in a tent!) and stayed up almost all night because we were too afraid to fall asleep (at least I was).  Of course, we bickered throughout the years, yet still we drifted back together again and again.  I still count them as friends today.  

I also had a great church family because we grew up in the church.  During those days, every adult had a hand in my parenting.  I was encouraged and also disciplined by them.  It did indeed take a village to raise a kid, in those days. Ah… those good ‘ole days! Some days I long for those uncomplicated, simple, free days.  

Some days I long for the future.  Yesterday I started a photography class and I long for the day when I will know my camera intimately.  I have always enjoyed traveling and on my bucket-list is Greece, France, and Italy.  In fact, I want to tour Europe and some days, I just want to imagine the sights and smells of those countries.  Some days my prayers desire a response (prayerfully positive) from the Lord. And I will just wait for that answer.  Neither going forward nor going backward, just automated life in that wait mode.  Each day is just a blip on the radar of my life.  I will remember nothing about those days because I did very little while I waited.  During days like these, I am thankful for very little, if anything at all.  And the company of people requires so very much from me. Impatience and irritation are close friends.  Oh, those lost days! How I long for the shoulda, coulda, woulda days; should have done this, could have said that, would have gone there if that was done.  

Yet, all we’ve been granted is today.  “Sufficient for today’ (we’ve been warned) ‘is its own problems’.  Today matters, my friends.  Today matters.  The problem with the ‘wait mode’ is that we are never really in ‘wait mode’.  We do not live a stagnant life, even though it may feel like it.  We are either in ‘progress mode’ or in ‘regress mode’.  The enemy of our soul will not allow us to remain stagnant for very long.  If we are not intentionally moving forward in our walk with the Lord, then most definitely we are moving backward.  We are loved and cherished by the Almighty, God of the Universe. Before we do, He already knows our needs and has supplications for each of them.  This quote by George MacDonald felt like an ‘OUCH! moment:  

“It has been well said that no man ever sank under the burden of the day. It is, when tomorrow’s burden is added to the burden of today, that the weight is more than a man can bear.

Because I know I am loved unconditionally, unwaveringly, and unfailingly, by the Lord, I can appreciate the past, yet value today. I can relax in the knowledge that despite what this world may throw at me today, my God keeps His promises.  His Word is most definitely His bond.  I can count on Him to hold me and guide me and protect me.  I can count on Him to always be faithful to Himself. And because He is faithful to Himself, He will keep His Word.  And because He will always keep His Word, I can count on His daily provision of mercy and His never ending grace. I can count on Him to always do good and be good to me.  

I will rest in today, but never in my own strength. Today life may include the unexpected, unwanted, unacceptable curveballs.  On my own, these problems can very easily cause me to be anxious and worried and overwhelmed. And so, I will recall the past, when the Hand of God was evident in my life and count my blessings.   I will remember the times, when He literally saved my life, when He provided for me and protected me from evil.  While in His presence, I will tell Him of my desires, I will share my fears about the future.  I will believe Him and act on that belief because I will lay it all at His feet.  Then I will live life today because I know that I know that I know WHO holds my future.  

How are you today? 

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17 responses to “DON’T FORGET ABOUT TODAY!”

  1. Beautiful words Brenda…I was reminded of this song’s lyrics while reading your post:

    Because he lives I can face tomorrow
    Because he lives all fear is gone
    Because I know, I know he holds the future
    And life is worth the living just because he lives

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  2. Brenda, thank you for your encouragement today.
    I am having a “down” day. I’m dealing with some kind of bug; in addition, I’m struggling with some family drama. 😖 Your words comfort me, and remind me in Whose Hand I live and move and have my being.

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  3. Amen! “I will rest in today, but never in my own strength,” yes, yes, yes! God is good, and may we continually to rest in Him. Thank you for your beautiful words and reminders for THIS day that the Lord has made.

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