Hey friends, how are you today? Today, those in our household are doing well, thank the Lord, and thank you for asking.  The recent years have taught me to be thankful for especially the seemingly small things.  Sometimes I overlook the ‘small’ things because the truth is I take it for granted.  It has always been in my life, therefore obviously I will always have it.  Well, sometimes life throws a wrench in our plans, right?

Recently I received some distressing news about my health. Previously, I always prided myself on being in the best health and usually my doctor agreed.  My prayers most times began with the words, ‘Lord, today I thank You for health and strength”, because these two I could always depend on to be there.  For a while, during my prayers, after I received the news, I found myself stumbling over the word ‘health’ because it occurred to me, I am probably not as healthy as I originally thought.  

But even as I stumbled over the word, the Lord revealed my vanity.  Yep, that’s me.  What about the fact that you woke up this morning? What about the fact that you woke up in your right mind this morning? What about the fact that you can still see? That you can still hear. That you can still walk and talk? There is a warm roof over your head today. And too many clothes in your closet. The girls and precious husband are safe and sound. What about all these ‘small’ things?  The list that flooded my mind went on and on and on.  I hear you, Lord, I hear you, please forgive me.

Then I had to do like Job and place a hand over my mouth and get over my pity party, because my Lord was having none of it.  I’ve decided that today is a good day.  I am thankful for my blessings; things could always be worse.  In our kitchen, there was once a decorative plate that read:

‘Be thankful for dirty dishes, they have a tale to tell, while others may go hungry, we’re eating very well’

How are you today? 

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27 responses to “THEY HAVE A TALE TO TELL”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your doctor had some bad news for you. I found your blog recently, and enjoy how you infuse your posts with deep faith and fun. Some years ago I, too, ended up with a troubling diagnosis and it’s taken time for me to learn to find my way through some of the doubts and questions that come when we face sickness or other stubborn issues in this life. I know that when times are tough and we feel too off balance or too weak to hang on tight to God, we don’t have to worry – He will hold on to us.

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  2. 😕 I’m sorry about your health issue. Thousands today have discovered something in their health; for some, it is life-altering, and for others it is an inconvenience. I discover, as I age, that I gradually lose little things I used to have: better memory, more energy, less pain. I hate to say it, but as we age, it doesn’t get better.
    God bless you for keeping your health in the forefront of priorities. God gave us these bodies to serve Him, and we do that best we we are good stewards.
    And God bless you as you share your wisdom and perspectives with us, turning us always to God and His Word and His love.

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  3. I’m doing well, Brenda. Thank you for asking. Sorry to hear about your health issue. I pray the Great Physician will continue to heal you. Your outlook is refreshing! There is always SOMETHING to be thankful for. Please pray for my son, who is having some health issues himself. Thank you, and God Bless.

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  4. I appreciate how you “coach” yourself (and your readers) into a biblical perspective on life’s bumpy road. Prayers for your health, Brenda. God is so good! I like how He blesses us with “too many clothes” in our closets 🙂

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