Hey friends, how are you today? Happy first day of February.  Did January just fly past? Was last month just a blur, a distant memory now? Remember today matters.  Our desires and plans may be wonderful, which we surrender to the Lord.  But today is all that we’ve been given, and our reality is what we have been left with, so with the Lord’s help we find joy in today. And we can find joy and beauty in this day because the God of the universe is with us.  He has promised to always be with us and He is dependable and trustworthy.  He keeps His promises.

Thank you, my friends, for your thoughts and prayers for me, when I shared with you my health scare. I appreciate you. I want to lead with the fact that after several more tests, I was given a clean bill of health, praise the Lord of Heaven.  To Him alone be all the glory.  As I told my husband, I feel as if I received a brand-new lease on life.  

I was a bit troubled though (just a tiny, tiny bit) by my own excitement and gratefulness when I received this news.  Is the Lord being any less good if a ‘clean bill of health’ was not my story? There are thousands of men and women across of the globe whose life story include pain, diseases, disabilities, and the like.  Quite a few of these people love the Lord and enjoy a beautiful relationship with Him.  Perhaps you too, may be included in this number.  Is the Lord any less good? Does He love more those He gave a clean bill of health? As I waited for answers from my doctor, these questions needed to be answered first.

After the disaster of 9/11, quite a few Christian survivors shared their story of the Lord’s wonderful intervention in their lives.  Some talked about that phone call that came just as they were about to leave the house.  Others shared stories of the people or event or activity that caused them to inadvertently be somewhere else and all attributed that life saving gift to the Lord, as they should. But again, I wondered at those whose lives were lost because of this catastrophe. Were they any less blessed? Was this a sign that they were loved less by the God of the universe?

A few years ago, when I was a teenager (at least it seems like just a few years ago, my girls may say differently though) I wanted a job. I, along with most my friends in my neighborhood had just graduated from high school and we all talked about the jobs we were determined to gain.  Of course, we made plans for our wages too.  One by one my friends found jobs and went to work while application after application of mine, were rejected. I prayed and prayed and prayed and still nothing changed.  Yes, I must admit, I thought it had to be because the Lord loved me less.  He had to love them more because He gave them something I wanted.  He said ‘yes’ to them and ‘no’ to me and so that just proved He did not love me as much as He loved them.  

Comparison” (they say) is the thief of joy“, and they are so very right. TRUTH:  I am not my friends, and their story isn’t mine.  TRUTH: God is good and everything He does is good, all the time.  TRUTH: The Lord loves us all, unconditionally, unwaveringly, unfailingly, whether we are saved or unsaved.  He loves me, just as much as He loves my friends   TRUTH: The love of God is not dependable on anything I do or don’t do.  I do not deserve His love and I cannot earn His love.  He loves completely because He is love.  

We have been warned that trials and tribulations will be part of every Christian’s life.  There may be very few similarities among our trials. Though the difficulty may be dissimilar, our response to the problems remains the same.  Trust God.  

The love of God is pure and true.  He loves us in spite of us. This love for us is demonstrated especially among the trials when we see those solitary footprints in the sand.  These footprints always belonged to our God because His faithfulness will not allow Him to do any less.  No, my trial may not look like yours or maybe it does but God’s response to these various trials leads to very different outcomes in our lives.  Each response to every trial is especially tailor-made for God’s people.  It is fashioned with great care and love to primarily benefit the life of the one to whom it was granted.  

I am loved and what the Lord does and what allows into my life is for my good.  You are loved and what the Lord does and what He allows into your life is for your good, sent especially to benefit and prosper you.  

Thank you for your prayers. How are you today? 

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35 responses to “YOU ARE OKAY”

  1. So glad you got a good clean bill of health. I sometimes wonder why God healed me when I had such an aggressive and advanced cancer – and I know others whose cancer was not as bad – yet they died. There have been times when I felt guilty for still being alive. A good friend who had cancer when I did – and eventually died from it – told me not to feel guilty for surviving but to keep sharing my story to give hope to others who faced such a tough diagnosis. She told me to “be one who gives hope because so many need that hope.” I have never felt God loved me more than the others who did not survive, but I do feel an obligation to do all that I can for all that I can because for whatever reason, God has left me here. I try to make each day count for Him and in my friend’s memory who told me to give hope.

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  2. Good news about your clean bill of health!!!
    Only God sees the big picture and the whys of everything. We are too quick to say one person is blessed and another isn’t. God is good all the time. We all have struggles but they vary.

    I see Brenda is outside in the snow with no coat again. We can all conclude from that that Brenda LOVES snow lol

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  3. Wonderful news that you’ve received a clean bill of health, Brenda! Hallelujah! I especially appreciated that quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy“, and your reminder that each of our stories are unique. God never promised that similar circumstances guaranteed similar outcomes. Thank you for sharing this practical wisdom with us. I’m currently doing a Bible study on contentment; your comments offer further insight to what the text has presented (so far).

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  4. Dear Brenda,
    Anita and I just finished reading Job in The Complete Jewish Bible. I find it better than any other English translation, and it gives a much clearer understanding of how his ‘comforters’ were attributing his difficulties to his ‘wickedness.’
    Even Job (Iyov), while upholding his integrity and righteousness, exclaimed when confronted by Adonai (YHWH – The LORD), “Yes, I spoke, without understanding, of wonders far beyond me, which I didn’t know.”
    His love is everlasting and His blessings are for eternity! Hallelujah! 😊

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  5. Brenda, I am glad to hear your doctor gave you a clean bill of health!
    I think that sometimes it is our own impatience that leads to “comparison problems” in God’s time; we find our way, our path. 🌺

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  6. I must’ve missed your post talking about your health, Brenda. 😢 I’m so glad you were given a clean bill of health though! God is so good! The comparison game will always leave us falling very short , compared to our neighbor. That’s one I think we all fight.

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  7. I love the TRUTHs you present as relates to comparisons. He is even all that loving and giving to ~~ tiny shudder ~~ my enemies. My mind boggles and threatens explosion when I think of all the intertwined lives and circumstances that God handles. He is so perfect, I can’t imagine it. Psalms 139.6 “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.”
    But He does it all because of agape. 😊❤


  8. This is so true and important to learn, and it took me a long time . God works in our individual lives . Sometimes we are up and others are down, then it all changes. But God never changes or leaves us. When we learn this, we can begin to rest even in the trials.

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  9. Thanks for this post. I think most of us are tempted to compare ourselves with others in all areas of life. I stumbled across an amazing devotional called “Comparison Girl” and it is challenging me to be grateful for who I am am what I have, even when things look less than perfect.

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      • Oh yes indeed! Today while exercising in town, I noticed a lady who appeared to be ill. I could tell by her small frame. I asked her about it – all be it very graciously, and she confided in me that she is very sad all the time and has no joy. This is subsequently affecting her weight. My heart went out to her. It made me realise afresh how blessed we are who have had the privilege of knowing Jesus from an early age. Thanks for adding your thoughts. xx


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