Hey friends, how are you today? Do you have any plans for this day? I pray that you made plans to spend time with the Lord today.  Our days start off so much better when we begin each day with Him.  That time with Him determines our reaction to the lemon drops which may be part of our day.  We acknowledge the lemon drops as a necessity because then we realize it is for our growth and maturity in the Lord.  All that we gain when we spend time with the Lord and in His Word.  We learn to make and appreciate the sweet lemonade that can be found in the lemon drops.  

Today is a snow day in my neck of the woods. Those of us familiar with this phenomenon, accept it as normal.  To the kids, it is as good as Christmas Day because it signifies ‘no school’ and a day of sledding, hot cocoa, and Netflix. When the girls were younger, even though we homeschooled, days liked these were always a treat.  They could not wait to go out and be with friends. They would stay out until they become almost living popsicles.  Of course, as parents, we longed for the days when they would be old enough to do this on their own.  Except now that they are older, days liked these are reserved for sleeping and Netflix, even the hot cocoa is optional.  Oh, the irony! 

God’s creation is beautiful, isn’t it? Take a walk with me on the absolutely, beautiful day, we have been blessed with today.  

How are you today? How did you begin today?

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21 responses to “ITS A SNOW DAY”

  1. That is some serious snow! Love a winter wonderland.
    I got to spend hours and hours today with a lovely, Godly friend. We lunched and (thrift store) shopped and talked and talked. She was a delight to my soul. Thank you for asking. 😊

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  2. Lexington only got a couple inches, but that was on top of the ice that formed from rain as the temps dropped. Everybody down here was like, “Oh NO! We’re all gonna DIE!” So the city shut down, even UK closed while it was raining in the morning, and no ice formed until about 9pm!! 😃 Scaredycats!

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