Hey friends, happy, happy new year!! How are you, today? I missed you all, but this down time was so needful, especially because both girls were there with us.  Time flies way too quickly, doesn’t it? And 2020 gave a very grime picture of just how quickly time flies. Time spent with each other is simply priceless. I do pray you were able to spend that time of the year with close friends and family.  I do hope you had a joyful and peace filled Christmas and a wonderful new year. 

Do you enjoy a new year? In fact, do you like ‘new’? I love new, well not every single thing ‘new’, but I do like most things ‘new’. Some of you may know that shopping is my therapy, so of course new (to me)  clothes, shoes and especially handbags are my jam.  2020 stood in the way of my retail therapy, but my ‘new’ year is here.  

I love new days.  Each day is a gift from the Lord filled with new grace and new mercies.  Each day comes with brand new opportunities to do better than we did the day before, to be better today.  It provides new chances for us to love and forgive and show compassion.  Each day is a clean slate to start over.  Each new day comes with moments to learn and grow and develop a closer and a stronger relationship with the Lord.  

I love a new year, personally I think there is something exceptionally special about a new year.  It’s like it comes with all new possibilities all wrapped up in one. I love a new year because it gives me the sense of purpose, I think it also provides a very necessary semblance of control.  At the beginning of each year, I write down my goals for the year, the things I want to accomplish. For 2021, I want to intentionally spend time with my face-to-face people tribe; although I am not a people person, my heart missed the fellowship that only people can provide.  The new year allows me to take stock and evaluate my life and my environment and with that information, I develop a plan to do and be better.  

I love birthdays. Every new birthday is celebrated is our household, even my husband gets into the festivities, although left up to him, it would be just another ordinary day.  Birthdays are special, it is a unique day that the Lord gave to each one of us, just for us.  Yep, each new birthday is an opportunity to remember and be grateful for all our blessings. 

Although I did not always enjoy meeting new people, I am learning to be thankful for each new person the Lord adds to my life.  I am learning to put down my barriers and allow people into my circle because they help me to trust the Lord more and more.  

I thank the Lord for Lord for this  ‘new’ me.  His love for me, bought my salvation with the precious blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. He paid my sin debt and gave me freedom in return. His blood made it possible for me to become a whole new person.  And as each new day, each new week, each new month, each new year progresses, I am becoming a better version of that new me.

Because 2020 was such an unusual year and 2021 may just decide to continue on that same trend, I’ve decided to make Proverbs 31:31 my key verse for the year. I first came across this verse a few years ago.  Do you see the seriousness of this year? In layman’s speak, it says “give her what she deserves”.  Phew!! We will talk more about this later…

‘New’ does not necessarily depend on the environment, ‘new’ certainly does not guarantee change in our world, but a new’ me entered 2021. In spite of what I know to be true, I wanted my world to change, I wanted my world to go back to the familiar and so I prayed, and I waited.  But although this ‘new’ me continues to pray and continues to wait, in the wait, she will live life abundantly.  This ‘new’ me has changed how she perceives her world, because she took her eyes off the waves and placed it back on her Savior.  2021 may not herald any change, but this me invites all on this journey of hope and joy and peace because the God of the Universe is still in control.  

Happy new year! 

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35 responses to “ALL IS NEW AGAIN”

  1. “This ‘new’ me has changed how she perceives her world, because she took her eyes off the waves and placed it back on her Savior.” Every day ! I’m fighting the pull of the crowd that’s yelling “ the sky is falling!”
    I know things are going to change in unknown ways ,but I have to keep my eyes on the Lord. Some change can be good and is needed, but I don’t necessarily expect a lot of good changes for the world. But I want to change , to be transformed, to be more like Christ . I like that God gave the world seasons . It’s been pretty cold here, even snowed a few days ago! I like January. I mostly hibernate. But the current events are stealing my peace . I feel like I’m in a tug of war between fear and trust . Anyway, new year blessings to you Brenda! Please keep in touch no matter what happens. My gmail is pkadams1964 . 💕🙏


  2. New year’s blessings to you Brenda! It will be interesting to see what the Lord reveals to you through your words for this year.

    I have just shared my word for 2021 in ‘Who has the Power?’ You’re welcome to join me in a cuppa as we share together dear friend 😀
    Bless you,

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  3. With you I want to journey into 2021 with hope and joy and peace because the God of the Universe is still in control. Events may not unfold as we would like, but He WILL see us through! Thank you for your good cheer and good truth, Brenda!

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  4. You are good for me. I so want to crawl just a little deeper into my rut (and maybe close the door). But God did not create us to be that way, and it will not bring me the peace I desire.
    Blessed new year to you, dear Brenda!

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