Hello friends, how are you today? Just today, in fact, right now… how are you? We are doing fine, thank you for asking, over here.  Thank you for the time spent with me, I truly appreciate your comments and likes on last week’s posts; I did It Again and Portrait of God’s Woman, thank you.  Yesterday our temperature struggled to make it to a chilly 26° and Sunday heralded snow, but that’s in the past, right? Today arrived with thick clouds with no hope of sunshine but thankfully, 45° will be our temperature.  Sometimes the fluctuation of the day’s temperature reminds me of life.  Life is never stagnant, is it? We may feel that our life is one of drudgery and sameness, but the truth is life is a series of ups and downs and ins and outs, it’s one of progress and regress, starts and stops.  Believe me, if you are not living life, life is leaving you.  Life is to be lived and cherished because this life is a beautiful gift from God, despite its clouds.  We can have sunshine in our souls today because we have a Savior.  

When I taught in the public schools and before I had children, I blamed the parents for most of a child’s bad behavior.  To some extent, I still do. A teacher, like a parent, has some insight into the character of a child.  One can tell when the bad behavior displayed comes naturally to the child or perhaps is the result of peer pressure.  There is this furtive look on the student when the behavior is not learnt at the feet of the parents.  Unfortunately for the parents, that remains true, even when the child becomes a young adult, parents are still held accountable for their misdemeanors.   There is a shoot-out at the school or a fight that leaves another dead, all eyes immediately go the parent and excuses, or reasons are found for actions.  In today’s world, very few people take total responsibility for their own actions.  

I have a new policy as a result of having kids myself.   Our girls are young ladies, presently, but they are still, technically under our roof.  Unfortunately, the Lord has not shared with me what will become of them when they leave our home.  So… thank you I will take the discredit, I can’t stop the millions of therapists out there who will say, ‘your parents are to blame’; but also, be aware, I will also take the credit if they go on to become great women. 

Isn’t it sad, that parents are rarely mentioned when kids grow up to become well adjusted, great men and women? Why do we assign all the bad to the parents but give all the good to the kids or society? Well not anymore… I have told the girls, if I’m to be given all the hate for their bad behaviors, then I want all the love for their good, I think that’s fair, don’t you? 

I love this verse; it is so profound in its essence.  Quite clearly, it says, you and me, we are responsible for our very own actions.  I am responsible for my actions, me, not you, caused me to do what I did.  I did it.  In spite of my upbringing, in spite of my parents, whether they be good or bad, I am responsible for my actions. 

I appreciate that before God, my girls will each stand to give account of their own life, in spite of my parenting.  I will also have to testify of my parenting skills but that will not nullify the girls’ responsibly.  The Lord is fair and just and has provided each of us with opportunities to adhere to His standards.  I am responsible for me, for my walk with Him, for my growth, for my nearness to my Savior.  It is my responsibility to take the time to draw near to the Lord in His Word and through prayer.  It is my responsibility to obey His Word.  No matter how much I may wish it were different, my relationship with the Lord isn’t the girls’, not is it my husband’s; it is just mine, all I can do for anyone out there, is live an exemplary life and pray, but even if I don’t; you are still responsible for you.

How are you doing?

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33 responses to “IT’S A CHILLY ONE TODAY”

  1. It’s so true. We are responsible for our own actions. I have heard of adults who as a child, lived in the worst of conditions, only to grow into a better adult-one who did better for themselves and their children.

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  2. It’s snowing/raining today at the moment. Hoping it turns all the way to rain 🙂 Even though it might snow again (it happens!) at least some of this other stuff will melt! I’m ready for spring. I’m ready to plant! I’m ready to get outside 🙂 That time will come. I am working on being content. It doesn’t come naturally to me so I have to actively seek God to find it. Oh but when I find it, I feel so much better 🙂 God is really looking out for us, let us remember to look out for Him so we can see all the wonderful things He does for us. Everything is a season. When life is tough (just starting to come out of one of these periods and it’s not pandemic related!), He is working in that time to make things better. We just have to have patience and pray!! God Bless you and your family!

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  3. Today, currently, I am content. I love how you include verses in every post. It is such an encouraging reflection of your private life.
    While reading 1&2 Kings, it is so clear that while the parents influence their children, the children also make their own choices of who to serve. Hezekiah was known for doing good in God’s sight, then his son was the complete opposite until later on in his life. As parents we are to train up our children in the way they should go, but the way they will go is up to them.

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    • Amen 🙏🏽 that’s exactly it! Prayerfully as parents, our footsteps will lead our kids to developing a close and meaningful relationship with the Lord, but even if we didn’t, that does not excuse their behavior. May our Lord be praised

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  4. This is such a great lesson filled with truth. I love the verse you have in here from Proverbs 31:31, I hadn’t ever paused and reflected on that one before but I definitely will now!

    We’ll be at a high of 45 today along with you!!

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  5. I have to girls who couldn’t be more different and I used to beat myself up over my oldest, feeling like all her decisions somehow stemmed back to my parenting, but then I realized that we each walk our own path. Just as certain things I did were a cause-effect situation and others were just part of who I was and the path I was choosing, I can’t accept responsibility for all of her choices. I did the best with the resources I had and learned from where I went wrong so that my younger one is benefiting. We will see the outcome later in life!

    I am thankful that regardless, the Lord is willing to embrace us and let us wash away all of the things we’ve done that aren’t the best examples of our parent’s love. And for those who didn’t have that, of their parents absence. We ultimately have full responsibility for our choices and a God who loves us enough to show us the right way to more forward. What a joy!!!

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  6. We had a nice warm Sunday, but then wind chills at freezing with 40F in the air on Monday. Then, today, we have over 65!! Beautiful temp, but too much sunshine. I like clouds.
    Anita and I are part of a GPOP prayer group at our church, Grand Parents of Prodigals and I recently subcribed to the Legacy Coalition that a friend in Alabama put me onto.
    love and prayers for you and your family, Brenda.

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  7. Great points. It can be tempting, as parents, to live with pain and guilt when children do make bad choices. Perhaps it starts with society’s expectations, but there are a lot of parents who need some heart healing because of it!

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    • 🙌🏽 amen 🙏🏽 I remind our kids that perfect parents do not exist, they too will makes mistakes. When we blame our parents for our actions, we too should be prepared for our kids to blame us for theirs.


  8. When I was pregnant with my girls, I would often put my hand on their stomach and pray that they would serve God all their lives. I too believe we will give an account of how we raise our kids. They are gifts from God and like the parable of talents in the Bible we are responsible for these gifts. Since my girls are now 45 and 50 I am so thankful that they are serving God. One is a school teacher who has worked through this pandemic teaching both on-line and in-person classes and putting in hours and hours of extra time. The other is a pastor and has deal with the challenges of trying to minister to her flock when we could not meet in person and she has organize a feeding program which gives food to 150 to 180 families every month. It sounds like you have a great relationship with your girls and I know you are proud of them.

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  9. I blatantly take full responsibility for all my messes, sins, foibles, and good works (which the Lord ordained for me). I’ll also take on the messes I make as a parent and a wife; however, I’m with you: each person who grows to adulthood is responsible for their own actions, thoughts, attitudes, and words. And responsible before God, too. (gulp)
    We very much enjoyed the balmy “false spring” that passed through. Now we’re digging out of 6″ of heavy wet snow that came with 3/4″ of rain. Ah, but it’s March! 😁

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  10. “If you are not living life, life is leaving you.”
    I’m going to write that one down somewhere, Brenda. At the moment I just finished a 2 1/2 mile run and I’m feeling great! We are on spring break this week from school. The trees are starting to bud around here, but that doesn’t mean spring has sprung!

    Blessings to you and your family.

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