Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend?  We’ve had the most glorious weather in my neck of the woods.  Bright sunshine, blue skies and temperatures in the high 60°; actual warmth we can feel.  Thank You, Lord, for spring.  Every day is an absolute blessing from my Heavenly Father.  I love days like these!

Have I told you before, I am not a fan of change? I have realized it’s because change demonstrates how little control, I actually possess over the things that matter to me.   I further realized that I like to think I can control my circumstances because I’ve allowed fear to guide my footsteps. Last year, I rarely left my house to go anywhere, I had such a phobia of this new and uncertain virus.  Although, as far as I know, I am as healthy as a horse, the conflicting information about this virus, scared me and all I wanted to do was hide in my little bubble.  I realized then that hiding was my natural inclination to anything I don’t like or understand.  Fear, another four letter word, but unlike the beauty that is found in love, fear, when allowed to flourish can be ugly and deadly.  

As I look back on my life, I see where I’ve deviated from God’s plan for my life, because I gave fear full control.  In the Caribbean we drive on the left side of the road. When we came to this country, I was convinced driving on the right would not be a problem for me.  I mean it’s performing the same action, in the opposite direction.  How hard can it be, right? Well, where do I even start? Around every turn, the car drifted to the left, even if my brain said that’s the wrong way.  After about two or three attempts, fear said, you will kill someone or be killed yourself.  I listened.  I love my God, have I told you so lately? I really love my God, but I know His precious love for me, by far surpasses anything I can ever imagine or think.  I believe that lack of independence, not driving brought me, allowed me to develop better relationships with those that had to take me everywhere, especially my sweetheart.  Of course, it also brought quite a bit of frustration and humility while I waited.  Because that’s also something I don’t like; I hate to wait.  The Lord uses where we are to grow and mature us, so bloom where you’re planted.  

Lately I’ve been studying the women of the Bible and I’ve realized that fear isn’t necessarily a bad emotion. Sarah must have been fearful when saw her biological clock seemed to be ticking slower by the minute.  I’m so sure Deborah must have been fearful when she got ready to face the Canaanites in battle.  Fear, perhaps controlled Naomi’s footsteps after death claimed not only her husband but also her sons.  Esther was certainly fearful when she was to invade her king’s presence to ask him to save the lives of her people.  And Mary, sweet young Mary, must have suffered from pangs of fear, when told by the angel she would bear the Son of God. The rumors, her reputation, what if Joseph refused to marry her, yes in spite of what several believe, Mary was a woman, with the fears of a woman.  

There have times in my life when I’ve allowed fear to dictate my footsteps, but there have also been times in my life where although fear existed, it was not given the victory.  There is a fine line between defeat and victory.  Nothing changes on the Lord’s end; He is always there, His promises are always true, His Holy Spirit is always present, salvation ensures that we are always supplied with everything we need to be successful.  The difference between triumph and failure is how I choose to react to fear.  I can allow fear to bloom and flourish and grow and control my actions or I can give that fear to the Lord.  I can share with Him my fear and receive from Him the strength needed to overcome that fear.  I can have faith in His ability and strength and power and love and take that step in spite of fear to victory.  Sarah did it, Deborah did it, Naomi did it, so did Ruth, Esther did it and so did Mary.  They evaluated the cost, it may have cost them their reputation, their love and even their lives, but they all realized that something bigger and more valuable was to be gained.  So, although fear was present, they gave their faith in the Word of God more ground and their faith and their sacrifice was accepted.  

God is good, God is just, and our God is more than worthy of our faith in Him.  When the battle between faith fear and faith comes our way today, let’s choose faith.  Thank you for the time spent with me, when you read, liked and commented on last week’s posts HOW IS YOUR HEALTH? and ITS A CHILLY ONE TODAY. If you’ve not yet done so, before you leave, use the links to check out the posts. How are some of your fears?

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40 responses to “WHEN FEAR LEADS”

  1. Great post Brenda! I love your following advice,
    “When the battle between fear and faith comes our way today, let’s choose faith.” Amen!
    My wonderful physician also comes from the Caribbean 😀
    Bless you,

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  2. I didn’t know you had lived in the Caribbean, very interesting!!
    Great post!!.. as a woman who (my myself) used to constantly live in fear it’s sure reassuring to know that women of the Bible did the same but yet God used them and was/is glorified through their testimonies of faith!!
    Thankfully over the past year I’ve actually gotten better about not living in such anxiety!

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  3. So interesting- God has been rooting out fear in my life this season too! My mentor encouraged me to read “When People Are Big and God is Small” by Edward T Welch and it has been so helpful in revealing the Scriptural answers to fear in our lives. I recommend it if you have not read it before. I think everyone could relate to it to some degree because all of us are faced with “fear of man” to some extent in our lives.

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  4. So many scriptures telling us not to fear, and yet God knows that at some point we will be afraid, and so He even meets us there… “Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.” Psalm 56:3 Bless you!

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  5. Fear can cause us to veer off course but with Jesus we can stay on course. Some of my favorite words from Jesus are- Don’t be afraid. It is me.

    I am glad you drive on the correct side of the road now 🙂

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  6. Lack of control leads to fear and/or anger. It’s where a lot of sin resides.
    Surrender to God is the antidote, as you say: Faith.
    What a peace to hand it all over to God! Not shirking our responsibilities: continuing in obedience and then seeing how God works to His glory and our benefit.

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  7. Some fears are “easier” to hand over to God than others! Working on both everyday 🙂 I know the peace and freedom that comes from handing over my fears, I just have to let go of them…which is the hard part! God Bless!

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  8. Courage is not having no fear. It’s feeling the fear and proceeding anyway! 😉
    Faith is not treading boldly onto a bridge, if that bridge is faulty; that is presumption.
    Faith, even through fear, hesitantly steps out onto a firm Bridge and finds Him faithful.
    We even “fear” God, and rightly so, but not with fear that makes us pull back, but with fear that makes us step carefully and humbly forward into His Presence. ❤️&🙏

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