Hey friends, how are you today? Physically, how are you doing? Take stock, this body matters to the Lord.  How are you doing, spiritually? To some extent, we have more control over our spiritual health than we do over our physical health. We can exercise and watch our food intake, we can take our supplements and try to keep our stress and anxiety levels down, but at the end of the day, the Lord decides this body’s fate.  But now spiritually, what we do counts for something.  When we develop and nurture our relationship with the Lord, growth and maturity takes place.  When we intentionally spend time with the Lord, in His Word and through prayer (step 1) and then proceed to obey what we’ve been told in His Word, (step 2) then wellness and fruitfulness take place.  How are you doing? 

This week, the weather did not cooperate with me.  If our temperatures went above 40°, then it rained and if the sun came out to play, then that day was cold.  For example, today is a bright, beautiful, sunny day but at this time, it’s only 21°.  In my neck of the woods, people run in any kind of weather, but since I’m from the Caribbean, my mind informed my body that this activity, performed outside,  during this temperature is absolute madness and may even incur brain freeze.   So, the answer to ‘did I run this week‘, would be a ‘no’ for me.  What form of exercise do you enjoy?

This life matters of the Lord, in fact, this life matters to us too.   Everything we do, the actions and behaviors that gradually become us, our thoughts and attitudes that shape the actions and behaviors, they all tell a story of our knowledge and relationship with the Lord or lack of it.  Our words, our actions, our circumstances, the Lord uses it all to encourage and draw us to Himself.  He molds us and shapes us using our actions, behaviors,  circumstances and environment.  In other words, He uses our everyday to tell us of Himself.  

How are you doing today? 

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22 responses to “HOW IS YOUR HEALTH?”

  1. Beautiful reminder!!
    My stomach has been a mess for years BUT I’ve been eating a bit more strictly in certain areas of my diet and wouldn’t you know, I’ve been feeling the best I have in years!! …now I need to get back into lifting weights!
    Thankful for a healthy relationship with Him and a gut that’s feeling healthier!

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  2. Warm enough here to wear a lighter coat. Cold at night and warmer by day… it is maple syrup making season!! So you can guess what I have cooking down over a fire in the front yard. 🙂 I enjoy walks, and I enjoy Tae bo workouts!! I like to challenge myself to get stronger, but with a little one who still persists at waking me up at odd times, workouts don’t always happen.

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  3. Me too: “He uses our everyday to tell us of Himself.” I love that! So true.
    I am well and (I pray) fruitful, thank you for asking. 😊 I do enjoy a daily walk. If I run, it has to be on the treadmill, since running outside just make me hurt. (What’s the difference, I wonder, is the treadmill somehow cushioned???) I also bounce, either on my mini-trampoline or on the exercise ball (I call it my bouncy-ball).

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  4. “He uses our everyday to tell us of Himself.” Amen!

    My right knee is hurting for some reason today, Brenda. So there will be no running at my GPS location either.

    Otherwise, I am doing fine. We are finishing up our spring break.


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