Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Our weather has been a bit indecisive, lately.  Are we cold and snowing, or are we moderate (not warm, those days are over) and raining? The weather has not yet made up her mind. But that’s ok, because there are days, when I’m just like the weather; up and down, back and forth, in and out; decisions… decisions!   We are three weeks away from Christmas, friends and I love Christmas.  

Christmas reminds me of warm days in the summer, it signals laughter and friendliness.  Christmas time is very special.  I know someone is saying “duh!”  But I still had to say it; I love Christmas.  So many people all over the world celebrate this time of the year, but I wonder if they know why? Christmas is a time that brings joy to many all over the world, yet so many are ignorant of the One who made this phenomenon possible.  Isn’t that sad? 

The joy that so many experience during this time of the year is so very fleeting and temporary because they don’t know of the Christ.  Many choose not to know because they are content with the short-lived happiness they enjoy during this time,  of course it’s simply because they don’t know any better, but still, it’s a sad case, isn’t it? To be content with so little, when so much more is waiting just beyond  the hill. 

But then sometimes this behavior reminds me of me. Some days I am content with so little, when so much more is waiting, just around the corner, if I’m willing to wait.  But I don’t know that because either I’m not willing to wait, or I think I know of a better way.  Oh, if only I’d waited; if only I had gone the other way, what blessings awaited me.  But I didn’t know about that because sometimes my ignorance is comfortable, and I like my comfort. But I know what to do; unlike them, I know of the forgiveness, grace and mercy that is available to me.  I know and believe and accept it all. 

But we take comfort in the fact that as long as there is life, there is forgiveness, there is redemption. But who will tell them, there is so much more to Christmas? Who will demonstrate that unconditional and unwavering love that was first shown to us? Who will let them know Christmas is much more enjoyable when there is a relationship with the One, Who made this time of the year possible? If only they knew there is so much waiting…, if only they knew what they were missing by not acknowledging the Savior of the world.  

Will you go tell? Or shall I? Maybe we can do this together… 

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34 responses to “IF ONLY THEY KNEW…”

  1. Our sermon last Sunday was on happiness vs. joy and boy there’s such a difference. I’ve felt happiness many times but it’s never such a deep faith-driven experience as what I have felt with joy!!!
    May we share the Christmas story/gospel in a way so those who don’t yet know Jesus can also have that true joy when they put their faith in Him!!

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  2. “…but I wonder if they know why…” I agree with you on this. Many have lost the why for this season. In fact, Google lists Christmas as a widely known December Holiday that includes a visit from Santa Claus. I mean how lame can we be? Every other religious holiday is attributed to religion, but Christmas. I am glad to know that Jesus is the reason for this season. So wherever we are placed during this season, let us be the light and bring joy and purpose to those around us. Merry Christmas!

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  3. We both go, Brenda! Right here in our blogs that spread all around; and in our daily lives. God will bring those He wills to us, and we will tell them all about Jesus.
    What a quote from you! ” …because sometimes my ignorance is comfortable, and I like my comfort.” How true is that, and how scary? We do like to dig our little ruts and camp out there. Praise be to God Who lifts us out of our miry pits!
    Are all those gorgeous decorations at your house? Lovely pictures!
    Merry Christmas Season to you, dear Brenda! God has blessed you with His presence and presents.

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    • All, expect the very last tree which was our city’s tree last year. I enjoy decorating,I didn’t even wait for the girls this year 😁😁😁 I thank the Lord for this ministry to encourage and motivate others here on the blog. What a blessing and a privilege

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