Hey friends, how are you doing? Happy thanksgiving to you and yours, even though it was perhaps impossible to celebrate with ‘yours’ this year.  We have learnt that ‘in all things’ and ‘for all things’ we give thanks.  For example, today in my neck of the woods, it is a damp, drab, dull, dismal, dreary, drizzly day, … More BLOG PARTY


Hey friends, how are you doing today? How was your week? Until yesterday, we were in spring-like weather. Well, winter came roaring like a lion, and I’m not even mad at it.  The temperature ad dipped once more below the freeze mark and snow has made its arrival.  Just a reminder that though it may look like … More BEE LOVE AWARD


Hey friends, how are you today? Do your days seem to run into each other? The days do seem to move quickly doesn’t it? Blink and today is already the 21st and can I even remember how I’ve spent the past 20 days? Sometimes, I want the Lord to slow the down the time because I … More COME TO MY PARTY