Good morning dear friends, how are you today? It is snowing AGAIN in my neck of the woods.  Last week’s snow was still on the ground. Will this be the pattern for the rest of the year, Lord? I’m not sure I can do it.  Pray for me, I’m already a bit discouraged.   Right now, our temperature stands at 22°, but actually feels like 15° and we are talking Fahrenheit, people!   Send prayers!!   

What about you? How are you doing really? Did you wake up like me? A little bit stressed and a tad bit overwhelmed? Why do I do this to myself, every time? I am a list person, have I told you that before? If not, here it is; I am a list person.  The problem is that I am also a control freak (I am really, really working on this).  But here is my dilemma. If I write it down, it WILL be done, whatever the cost.  So lately, I’ve decided not to write anything down, to help with this issue.  Do you see the problem though? Not yet? Okay, let me explain… the fact that I’m not writing the tasks down, does not mean that I’ve forgotten about it.  It’s in my head and because it’s there, it’s very disorganized.

Chaos reigns because everything that needs to be done is all in my head and it becomes a bit overwhelming.  And because I can’t function without order, I just throw my hands up in the air and do nothing; absolutely nothing.  And now everything suffers which causes even more chaos, which therefore becomes overwhelming which causes the stress levels to be elevated! Do you understand the true problem, here? If you find that you are suffering from a similar problem; I have come to the perfect solution.  I just need to remind myself hourly (or minute by minute) of these:

Perhaps you have already arrived at the solution, but first let me share the true problem here.  I have been attempting to go about life in my own strength! I know!!! Can’t be done, right?  Truthfully, I don’t even know when I made the switch from God to me.  Suddenly (or what seems like suddenly to me) I found myself becoming more stressed and the more stressed I became, the less I did, which caused more stress.  Do you see the cycle? 

Although daily I said, “let THY will be done’, I really had not GIVEN the Lord the control reigns; they were still in my hands.  Thank the Lord for His faithfulness. Here’s what I’ve decided to do, if you are in a similar position, especially as the year races to a close, join me on this releasing journey.

Write the list, if you’re like me, we just can’t function without it anyway.  Write it down, it will also become our testimony in the future.  We will be able to see the Hand of God and tell others of our victories.  Let’s write!

Now comes the hard part: with hands open, let’s surrender it all to the Lord.  We will say the words out- loud and bold (this may come with some fear and trepidation, but I promise you, this is the key to success).  Let’s commit to completing the tasks with the Lord’s help.  

Let’s not forget to ask for a good helping of wisdom and grace to complete the tasks, which we’ve either committed ourselves to, or to which we’ve been called.  We will need them both on this journey.  

Let’s actually get started with the responsibilities, especially those we don’t want to do.  Perhaps like me, you don’t like performing tasks that bring discomfort. Sometimes, the Lord allows it, so that we can rely on Him and not ourselves. We need not shy away from such tasks, even though we would like to do just that.  

Let’s also leave time in the day, to enjoy the things and people that bring us pleasure.  Let’s make time to laugh (in spite of the snow and cold).  Let’s enjoy this life which is so fleeting.  Let’s remember that Jesus’ plan was always to bring us life more abundantly.  

Have you started this journey of surrender? What brings you stress? How do you handle it?

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