Hey there, my friends, how are you today? How is your week? My week has been wonderful so far, intentionally giving thanks to our Lord, has made it so.  Toward the end of the day on Thursday, snow made its way into our neck of the woods. The day began pretty much like most days during the fall season; a bit cloudy and gloomy and dark. The rains came through around mid-morning, which slowly turned into snow.  By late afternoon, the snow had settled on the rooftops, trees and grass, making the roads a little slick.  Most drivers know by now that caution must be exercised, or else accidents will make an occurrence.  Novice snow drivers will learn very quickly to take care.  

Throughout the night and into this morning, it continued to snow.  The meteorologists say throughout the day the winds will pick up, along with some more lake effect snow; a blustery, snowy day will be felt by all in my neck of the woods.  The temperature will raise to a mere 29°, but of course with the winds, 19° is all the warmth that will be felt.  Did I already tell you, I’m from the Caribbean? St. Lucia is just a few degrees north of the equator.  The average temperature all year is 85°.  But guess where I live; not in St. Lucia, that’s for sure.  

Sometimes, on days like these, my thoughts travel back to our time back in St. Lucia.  Back to the days spent on the beach, enjoying the waves, because in spite of the fact that St. Lucia is surrounded by water, I still can’t swim.  Yes, music, sunshine and the sounds of the lapping waves, can you see it? Is it surprising that somehow when your environment isn’t what you want, conveniently you remember only the good about days gone by; you know… the good ‘ole’ days.  

Does this sound like a familiar people in the Bible? I suppose people, are people, are people, after all, it matters not what the century.   

Today, I’ve chosen not to do as the Israelites did back in Exodus 14 and 16.  Go ahead, read their story for yourself, the links have been attached.  Don’t you just love technology? 

Today as I sat at my window, (Jazz chose another window) I choose to admire the Lord’s handiwork.  The snow brings with it almost otherworldly experience.  The silence is soothing and peaceful, almost as if you are the only person in the world.  The snow cushions the sounds of the vehicles as they pass by, of the voices of people and even the chirping of the birds.  It’s so beautiful as it swirls from side to side before falling gently to the ground.  The tree branches are almost entirely coated in white giving the appearance of eerie ghost arms reaching to the heavens or bending to the ground.  

Today, I thank the Lord for the snow, I’ll dress in layers while still maintaining the cuteness and chicness for work; because in spite of the beauty of the snow…. I still don’t like to be cold.  

How are you doing? What’s your weather like today?

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