Hey friends, how was your weekend? Did you stay indoors, all weekend long, or did you go out? If you did, where did you go? Because I work five days out of the seven, I like to keep my weekends free of activities, except of course, service on Sundays.  Last weekend was a bit busier than I like, because we had to go grocery shopping.  Now, by now most of you know I do very much enjoy shopping, but uhhhh…. Not for groceries.  Grocery buying must be done, though; that is… if you want to eat.  

Over the weekend, I found our grocery amount far exceeded what we budgeted, because the girls will be here for thanksgiving break and of course, Thanksgiving holiday is almost here.

Sometimes, I enjoy cooking, I had to preface that statement with the word ‘sometimes’, because I don’t always look forward to that task. Most times, I cook what I know, but every now and then, I will try something different.  My husband and the girls (when they are home) more often than not, seem to always enjoy my cooking.  I know my friend over at Jesusluvsall blogs uses his microwave more than his stove, but we live literally on the opposite ends of the country, unfortunately he can’t come over for a meal. 

Truthfully, I enjoy cooking, when what I need is immediately available to me.  It is quite frustrating when I am prepared to cook and the ingredients are still at the store, thereby making grocery shopping an integral part of our time and money.  

The best way to combat any frustration including that of time and money is truly thankfulness.  While I was grocery shopping over the weekend, I was reminded of how very prevailed I am.  

I serve the God of the Universe.  He is great and powerful and mighty, and He absolutely loves me.  Thankfully, He is quick to forgive and offer restoration when I stumble.  

Out of the almost 800 million people starving in today’s world, we are not one of them.  In our kitchen, once read a plaque; “thank You Lord, for dirty dishes, they have a tale to tell; while others may go hungry, we’re eating very well”.

We buy our groceries in bulk, so usually grocery shopping is a ‘once a month’ event; I am thankful, we had the money to spend for our groceries. Thankful for the vehicle we use that takes us grocery shopping.  Thankful for the fact that almost everything I need to cook is easily accessible to me.  Thankful for the jobs that provide us with money to buy the groceries. Thankful for strength and health that gives us the liberty to buy exactly what we need.  

I have found that most times, I am frustrated when I take life for granted; as if it’s something owed to me.  This life is a privilege, a gift from the Lord to me.  I am learning indeed to implement this verse…

when I allow myself to become annoyed over things for which I need to be more grateful.  Reminding myself of all the reasons I have to be thankful, when annoyance or frustrations desire to have their day with my emotions, is a daily practice for me.  I am learning to be thankful for the ‘wins’ and do better with the ‘losses.  Holiness is the goal for which I must strive, but holiness is perfected with repentance, which precedes forgiveness, tapered with much grace and mercy.   

Thankfulness allows us to see how very privileged we are, in spite of the situations, because we are then reminded of the God we serve.  We are reminded of His power and His faithfulness; we are reminded of His grace and mercy toward us. We are reminded that He could have chosen to start over with a new creation, but He stuck with us, a fallible people; but made a way to unite us with Himself. 

Do you enjoy grocery shopping or cooking? What is something you are thankful for, today? 

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