Hey friends, how are you today? Just today; in fact, how are you doing, right this minute? Sometimes, I wonder about these questions, don’t you? Do I want to know how you feel at this very moment? Or do I want to know about your circumstances? Well, in this case, I want to know the answers to both these questions.  How are you doing? How was your week? 

I’m not sure what to say about mine… it was not exactly busy, but neither was it slow.  To some extent, I have battling against time.  I’m trying to balance the insurmountable projects, I’ve undertaken, without being aware of it.  Yes here and yes, a few months later and yes again a few months after that and here we are; one hundred and one tasks, to which I’ve said ‘yes’.  I think I’ve already said, (here) that when I am overwhelmed, I have the tendency to do nothing, which is bad; really, really bad.  Instead of reading that book, writing that post, making that call, folding that laundry, washing that hair, I decided I’d rather go for walk.  Just a brief, but intentional stroll with my camera; brief, I said, because (you know) it’s still winter, around here, just without the winter temperatures.  

Taken on Wednesday
Taken on Wednesday
Taken on Wednesday

Just kidding, wishful thinking over here, winter has arrived with a vengeance. Today’s temperature is whopping 9º, people, but with the wind, it feels like -6°. But still, we thank God for the fact, that we live in this time, where indoor heating in a ‘thing’.    Here are a few photos, I picked up along the way.  

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