Hey friends, how are you doing? How was your weekend? Did you enjoy a worshipful experience with the Lord, while at church? We have no family here, where we live, so family has become our church folks, which is great.  Unlike our blood family at times, we do speak the same language, we move in the same direction, we have a lot in common, because we serve the same God.  Do you go to church? 

Now we’ve all heard that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ ( Theodore Roosevelt), which is usually true. Comparison is rarely a good look and it does not sound good either.  When I was a little girl, my mom would sometimes compare me to my sisters, especially when I misbehaved (I should preface this by saying, I was rebellious in my pre-teen years). But I must admit whenever I was compared to someone else, it most certainly did not help the attitude.  As a matter of fact, I dug in my heels even more, because of it (sorry mom).  But a word to wise here, don’t compare your kids to each other.  The Lord makes each child unique and special and He most certainly does not clone His children.  Even with the same parents, no two precious babes are the same and that was done on purpose.  That was free.

But comparison does serve a purpose when it’s done right.  For example, here is a photograph I took around the same time last year.  

January 2018

The next is this year; when I compare the two, I am very thankful for this year and its current temperatures.  

Barely a trace, this time around

A few years ago, I prayed to the Lord and reminded Him that He called us to homeschool.  But now, it’s almost time for college and we didn’t know what to do.  Here we are four years later and both girls are at college, tuition free.  

Sometimes comparison is good, it allows us to see the progress or sometimes the digress of our lives.  When I compare my life at the beginning of 2019 to the present, I am thankful for work the Lord has done in my life. Over the Christmas break, I reminded our younger daughter that we have been called to do ‘brave’ things in 2020.  Honestly, this was a light bulb moment for me, more so than probably for her.  Our first born takes life by the horns and runs with it.  Her first words were, “I can do it”.  Fear, seemingly, rarely makes an appearance in her life. She is always willing to try new things.  The second on the other hand, needs to ensure that every t is crossed and every i is dotted.  She wants guaranteed success, before she attempts new things.  

After talking with her, I realized she really didn’t take it far.  She is just like me.  Here, I talked about my bravery in the post, ‘Are you brave, enough?‘.  I don’t like change, unless precipitated by me, of course.  I like to ‘know’.  I don’t like surprises.  I am rarely spontaneous, just the thought makes me anxious.  There have been so many things the Lord has called me to, that I’ve haven’t done, because I’m afraid.  I’m afraid I won’t be as good as….  I won’t be as successful as…. The first time I was called to teach our Ladies class at church, I picked up the phone several times to cancel.  My stomach was in knots, I thought I was sick.  I think I realized then, that I could say ‘no’ to this, or I could give the fear to the Lord and trust Him to perform the work He started in me.  Here, I also talked about accepting the tasks, we’ve been given, in the post, Bloom, where you’re planted.

As I compare the present me to the me, just a few years ago, I am thankful that I’m not as fearful as I used to be. I am thankful for the progressive work the Lord has fashioned for me.  Whenever new and uncertain moments enter my life, though my initial response maybe to hide under the bed and stay there, I have learnt to trust in the presence of my Lord.  This situation may be unexpected to me, but never to Him.  He knew it was coming, as a matter of fact, He allowed it to come.  He is prepared, I can trust Him. I realized that I don’t always have to BE brave to DO brave things.  My God can handle that fear, when I give it to Him.   

Are you ready to do brave things, this year? As you compare last year’s self to this year’s, what changes do you notice? Is there an area in your life that has taken years to make any progress?

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