Good day, friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? Were you part of the storms over the weekend? Our area got a bit of snow, although our family missed it, because we were on our way back from Ohio.  But it does sounds like March came roaring like a lion. I was so hoping for an early spring, but prayerfully March 20 will be the first day of actual Spring.  A friend from our church lost a few friends from the tornados in Alabama over the weekend.  Sometimes, the thought of death puts life into perspective, does it not?Slide1 Would you consider yourself a brave person? I must admit, I am not known for my bravery.  I love having a husband; it’s nice to have someone, who can be brave for the two of us. I don’t like the dark, I don’t like feeling alone.  When the girls were younger, I would bring them to our room, if my husband had to work out of town.  I have never spent a single night on my own, in my lifetime.  Before we had kids, my sisters would spend the night with me, if my husband was out of town.  Loud, unexpected noises scare me, quarreling people usually cause my heart rate to escalate and my breathing also becomes erratic.  Unexpected changes and ‘new’ circumstances and situations can cause a flight or fight response.  I prefer sameness (I know I’ve said so before).  Yeah, I know, I know… I have issues.  Are you brave?  Yet, the Lord has called me to be exactly that.  Slide1 See, things and circumstances and even people can sometimes scare us into believing that we are alone in this world, sometimes even have us believing that our God isn’t big enough or strong enough to fight our battles. So, we hide, we build safety hedges to protect ourselves, because after all, if we don’t; who will? We are safe in our little bubble, or so we think.  Can I be brave enough to stand in the gap for you?Slide1I WANT TO BE BRAVE ENOUGH to…

  • Get outside my bubble
  • Move beyond my insecurities to build up and encourage others
  • Accept my disabilities and health issues and yet offer compassion and concern and sympathy for others
  • Remove my protective shell and love freely and unconditionally
  • Look beyond my hurt and pain to keep loving and forgiving
  • Invest in the lives of others in spite of the pain and suffering they may inflict.
  • Pray earnestly for others and myself
  • Sometimes, place the needs of others above my own
  • Focus on the more permanent, because this world and its things are temporary
  • Tell others about the Loving, Forgiving, Saving God
  • Start and complete new things
  • Live life abundantly
  • TRUST GODSlide1

Whenever the Bible tells us to ‘be brave, or be strong, or be courageous’ usually there is a task to be performed. As Christians, we can’t live life crippled with fear and discouragement.  We are reminded daily, that we are closer to Heaven than the days gone before. Let’s not be so consumed with us, that we forgot about them.  We’ve been given boldness and courage, not because of who we are or what we have, but in spite of it.  There are hurting and frightened people out there just like us, but unlike us, they don’t know the Lord as their Savior.  They need to know, and we have to be brave enough to show and tell.

Are you brave enough?

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