Hey friends, how are you doing today? I suppose it could be worse, right? Don’t you hate, when that’s said after you’ve shared how you felt? I don’t always enjoy answering that question, because I’ve found most people aren’t interested in the answer.  What if I said I’m not okay today; are you willing to listen? We’re a short answer, please, community.  Time is really a priceless commodity, that most times, we aren’t willing to share, plus I have to tell you all about me.   There isn’t enough time for the two of us, so let this time be about me.  Hey friends, how are you today? I’ll listen, but first…james-1-19Listening is skill that has to be taught, did you know that? Just like every skill, some people are better at it, than others. Most of us have to practice this skill. There are two sides of me, the talker and the quiet.  The ‘quiet’ usually means, no one in their right mind, should be talking to me, right now. And of, course the ‘talker is obvious. There really isn’t any room in there to listen, is there? Don’t worry, most people fall into that category too. Even in the silence, you know you aren’t listening.  At the time, there are a million things going through your mind, of activities that need to be completed and events you are preparing for; who has the time!Ps 5 3My God is amazing; He is the best Listener in my circle, even better than my sweet husband.  I could see him getting cross eyed after a while (I really don’t talk THAT much).  But the Lord, He sticks with me, He listens and listens and listens. I’ve realized something throughout the years, the Lord likes to talk too.  Did you realize that too? He speaks, primarily through His Word, but He also uses people, nature, events and several other avenues to speak. Usually, people vie to give advice before listening to WHOLE story, but God, He waits and then He tells me where to find the perfect solution to my circumstance. james 1 2I remember, early on in our marriage, I would tell Him all about Benny’s faults and everything wrong he did.  I would remind him that He blessed our union, so now, how was He going to fix Him. Because clearly, he needed fixing, I was just perfect.  Of course, after listening to me vent, He told me I was not AS perfect as I thought. I told you, I’m not that great of a listener, so it took a few years to get through.    The beauty of it is that He is teaching me to listen.  I’m still a better ‘talker’ than a listener, but I’m getting there.

Hey friends, how are you today?

How would you rate your listening skills? I’m sure there’s room for improvement.

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