Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? This past week and including the weekend was very busy for me.  The girls were home, which was very exciting, but rather exhausting.  I had forgotten how much attention, one needs to devote to young people.  Whew! Over the weekend, we were back in Ohio again; thank the Lord the girls attend the same university.  It was cloudy on most days last week, although the temperature wasn’t too bad. Last Wednesday, we had another snow storm though.  I’m so over winter, I’m really, really, ready for spring, Lord.  I’m ready; it’s even snowing, right now; flurries, but still… We’ve gone forward in time, which should be a signal that spring is here. Oh well…Romans 15 1I love going to the mall, our local TJ Maxx is at the mall and I enjoy shopping there.  Actually, there are a few other TJ Maxx(s), but I prefer the mall’s, because I can window shop at the same time.  I appreciate the beautiful things, as I walk along.  But one of my favorite pastimes is to ‘people watch’.   I love to watch people as they go about walking and talking and shopping.  One can surmise quite a bit about a person by watching them, when they don’t know they are being watched.  I know right…. Not creepy at all.  Most people have the tendency to lower their guard, when they don’t think people are watching them.  I do that at church too.  Yes, I do get quite a bit pleasure, watching people.  Before I approach anyone, I almost always watch them first.  Please tell me I’m not the only one, who does this? I’m not necessarily a ‘people person’, I prefer being given a task. Before talking to someone I don’t know, I prefer to watch them first. I know right… not creepy at all.   People tell their story, when they think no one is watching.  They use their body language and their facial expressions, including their eyes, before they use their mouths. Matt 9 38On our journey from Ohio back to our home, my husband reminded the girls that most people are on their best behavior, when they are aware that they are being watched.  Most people desire to leave a good impression on others, they want other people to think highly of them.  I wonder if they know they are always being watched?Matt 5 16

Do you know people are watching us? Yep! They most certainly are.  The world loves to watch people who claim to be Christians.  Christians aught to be different, so the world wants to see the difference.  The foundation of a Christian’s belief is, God is Love.   They want to see the differences between God’s Love and their love. They would prefer us not to tell about it though, they want to see it demonstrated.  They watch us to see if we really believe what we say about God. They watch the manner in which we relate to others, when we think no one is watching.  They watch our language when we think the spotlight isn’t on us. They watch our reactions to stressful situations; I know right… Not creepy at all, but they are watching. I’m sure we’ve been approached by strangers, reminding us of that very fact.  “I saw you at the mall”, they say.  “I’ve seen you at church”, we are told. What else do they say, I wonder.  What have they observed about me, when I don’t know they are watching? Did I represent the Lord well? Did I allow my feelings to dictate my actions? Oh, that wouldn’t be good, if I did.  Did I talk too much? What did they see? What do they know? What observations have they made, because I did not know they were watching? Who do they think I am?Matt 5 48The Lord reminds us that the standard for godly living is only found in His Word.  I’m afraid we don’t love the Lord enough to be godly all by ourselves.  We should want to know the standard, because people are watching.  Who do you WANT people to think you are?  Do you know what we say and do affect what others think about God?

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