Hey friends, how are you? I know I ask this all the time, but really, I want to know, how are you doing? What’s the temperature, today, in your neck of the woods? What are a few activities you did or events you went to, this week? Has the week treated you kindly?fullsizeoutput_c53Can you believe we are already in the third month of the year? March is here, ladies and gentlemen; Happy March.  Praying that you experience and acknowledge God’s goodness throughout the month.  Spring is on its way; to our Great God be all the glory.  I love Spring; longer days, more sunshine, warmer temperatures; I am ready! Phil 4 4This week’s weather has been temperamental, to say the least.  We had a wind storm on Monday, subzero temperatures on Tuesday and a snow storm on Wednesday, quite fickle if you ask me.  Thursday turned out beautiful, the sun said hello and our temperature soared to a fabulous 34° and today is a whopping 43° (thank You, Lord).5B35C518-AC85-4B29-9331-43B725C923ECFBEBCCBF-7C06-4365-8E1B-3B897E5CE034

I got these beautiful Swarovski jewelry from my wonderful husband for Valentine’s Day.  They are simply gorgeous, I love them, of course, I absolutely love this man, I thank the Lord for him.  This chain is a roughly, twelve inches long necklace, perfect for layering or wearing on its own.  It has a wonderful clasp (that I still don’t know how to adjust).  I have worn it everyday, since I got it.  I also got this beautiful pair of dainty earrings.  With it came these lens for my phone.  I absolutely love it, I enjoy taking photographs (but I am not very good at it).  These make taking photographs fun. IMG_5799On Monday, we went for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. As the primary cook at home, I look forward to dinner dates with my husband. Although lately, I must admit, it has been easier and certainly more enjoyable, cooking for just the two of us. Between my husband and the girls, cooking was more frustrating rather than enjoyable.  Anyway, we enjoyed the food; I order the same thing every, single, time. Yep! I am one of these people, who have a hard time trying new things.  What if I don’t like it? I don’t enjoy food I don’t like; therefore, I play it safe.  We didn’t order any cheesecake though, the calorie count made it a little bit easier to resist.  Usually, at new restaurants, I order foods that LOOK good, very rarely do I look at the ingredients. FLOn Saturday, we drive to Ohio to pick up the girls for spring break (yeah). I love having the girls home, my heart is content, when they are both under our roof.  Both of them have the ‘flu, so I may need to quarantine them, because we don’t want it.  Love them, but not the ‘flu.  I enjoy long drives, I very rarely sleep on the journey.  Sometimes I prefer the drive, not necessarily the destination, but in this case, I do look forward to the destination.  Thankfully both girls attend the same university (thank You, Lord). Benny and I talk all the way to our destination, or one of his favorite games is to figure out the singer or band of various songs we heard as kids.  Do you know, my kids are better at this game than I am?Ps 119 11

I am in chapter four of Ezekiel and I actually feel sorry for the Israelites.  I found myself praying that God will never call me, rebellious. At least, not any more; I was called that on more than one occasion, in my teenage years. Praise the Lord for redemption and sanctification.   But in the first few chapters, God tells Ezekiel, He wants him to speak to the Israelites.  He says this of them…Slide1

That’s sounds very much like judgement is coming.  Did you know that the Israelites had already been captured and in exile at that time?  So was Ezekiel; King Nebuchadnezzer exiled the children of Israel to Babylon.  Nope! I don’t want to hear these words and I most certainly do not want to hear them from the Lord.  Perhaps I need to remember that though my God loves unconditionally, unwaveringly, unfailingly; He will also execute justice as the Perfect Judge.  Huh!

How are you? What passage of scripture are you reading?