Hey friends, how are you? How was your week? My week was great, thank you for asking.  I did not accomplish everything on my list, but I’m learning to be all right with that. My pastor has this saying, “people over ministry” and of course, we know, ‘people over things, or stuff’.  Sometimes, I can become fixated on my list at the expense of people.  But I’m doing better, not quite there, all the way yet, but I’m learning.  Sometimes, people remind me why I prefer ‘stuff’ or ‘ministry’ over them.  ‘Stuff’ and ‘ministry’ stay where I put them, they don’t talk back, they are not deliberately contrary.  If only Christ would allow me to put ‘stuff’ first.  But alas, no such luck, people first I suppose, after all, Christ died for people.  He is working through and with people, He is even; preparing a place for people (imagine that), He wants to spend life with people!  Well… I suppose that’s a good thing because that includes me!   

Anyway, here are a few ‘stuffs’ I picked up when I went thrift shopping with the ‘people’ the Lord has placed in my life.  Do you like shopping with people? Personally, it depends, I like company when I shopped for groceries or household items, but I prefer my own company, when I shopped for clothes and shoes.  I guess you could say, I prefer to shop on my own, when I shop for me.  I picked up most of these pieces when we went to Chicago in December, and of course others came from our local thrift shops.

Love this detail on the dress; this is the back of the dress
this is Maggy London and it is as soft as its beautiful
The cinched waist is everything
this is one of my favorites,

I love to wear dresses in the winter. Just pair them with tights, boots and shirt underneath. Chic, classy, comfortable and cute all rolled into one.

Karl Lagerfeld (100%silk) for $2.99 (yes, ma’am)
Lily Pulitzer,
cosset top
match made in heaven
White House Black Market is my favorite brand for blazers.

Obviously, my passion for blazers has just grown stronger. My baby insist I have a problem, she says I need therapy. But why? So what if I have more blazers than actual clothes? Has no one ever heard of mix and match?! But I’m done now… really… I’m done (I think). Oh! wait… maybe I spoke too soon…

Nine West Bowler hat (need I say more?)

Do you enjoy thrift shopping? What you enjoy shopping?

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36 responses to “JANUARY THRIFT HAUL”

  1. Thrift shopping is my FAVORITE!! I enjoy doing it with friends, but I also like to shop by myself when I’m shopping for me. I want to browse and wander and not worry about keeping track of anything else. Only so much attention span to go around, you know? The clothes you found look lovely.

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    • Thank you 😊 right!! love shopping with others, usually I buy too much or nothing’s all, when I’m with others, because I can’t concentrate, but when I’m by myself, I feel like I make better choices, because I don’t feel pressured

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  2. Love, love, love the Nine West bowler hat! I used to wear hats all the time, especially to church–but these days I often dance in church and they fall off! Those stylish hats also don’t keep my head warm in the Colorado winter and get soggy in the snow. And they are too hot in the summer! It’s mostly unsophisticated woolen ski hats for me in this climate. But — like you wrote — God indeed works through and with people..but I just bet a stylish hat makes Him smile….

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    • 😂😂😂 I’m sure it, our God does have a sense of humor 😂😂 this past year alone I collected four hats, including one I bought for my husband, but since he never wears it, I decided it looked better on me 😂😂


  3. I go shopping for clothes maybe two times a year. That would maybe drive you crazy haha

    Amen to focusing on people. If we focus on Jesus and then on people and are genuinely concerned for them, ministry will come.

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  4. Wow! Beautiful finds. Thanks for the kick in the pants about choosing “ministry” over people. There’s a fine line there since ministry is about people, but I can definitely lean way too far to one side, and not spend enough time on the people in my life. Yeah, balance is so hard for me!!!

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  5. Yay for thrift shopping! 🙂 You got some amazing finds! I’m a big fan of the red blazer. I took my mother-in-law to our “local” (think several towns over!) Salvation Army last month and I’m glad I did. While their prices were higher than I like (My preferred thrift store is MUCH cheaper, lol), I did find and actually buy a couple of things for myself. I definitely got my money’s worth and I think that’s the best part. At this point in life, I can hardly remember what it’s like to shop without small children so I have gotten it down to an art, lol. I may miss some bargains, but I focus on looking for the important items and realize that someday I will miss these days and like you said, people over things. A needed reminder for all! God Bless!

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    • Oh yess, I remember those days of taking our girls to the thrift when they were younger. One always just wanted to sit in the books section, while the other like her mother, searched out for fashion 😂😂They are very much the same way. Now the book child is always wearing her sister’s clothes. 😂😂😂

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  6. My January Thrift Haul is focussed on things for the home. I found some grey silky looking curtains for my bedroom, which I now have in addition to white venetian blinds. Then I found some heavy fabric cream curtains which will go in my spare bedroom. I’ve recycled some curtain fabric which was a curtain that I already owned into a headboard cover for my bed. I’m on the look out for curtains, preferably grey for my sitting room to go with the blinds. I find this time of year is good for clothes and household furnishings as folk have either changed their drapes and cushions before Christmas or department stores etc are getting rid of stock to the charity shops which they cannot sell. Of course, I’ve bought some clothes too my best buy is a pure wool duffle coat in powder blue. Bargains!

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  7. Nice! It’s always fun shopping in Chicago around Christmas. Michigan Avenue is a must visit in Chi-town. When I was in high school we would take the Metra train to Chicago. Fun fact: You can see the top of Mr. T’s house as you come into the city.😊 Sounds like you all had a great time. God bless!

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