Hey friends, how are you doing? How was your weekend? We have entered the fourth week of the new year, what have you accomplished? Are you on the path to ensure that your plans become a reality? Remember, ‘failure to plan’ leads to ‘plan to fail’.  In order for success to become a certainty, we have to put plans into place.  Once these plans are made, do not forget to enact those plans.  If you’re anything like me, the easy part is always writing down the plans, the hard part is putting it into practice. I don’t know why… well actually, I do know why that is; it takes strength to be courageous and brave at the thought of rejection; at the thought of a ‘possible “no”’.  Most times, the thought of a possible failure, prevents me from ever reaching the finish line, because I never started. Because I do not want to fail, I never start, isn’t that sad?

I say to my young protégés all the time, that the answer ‘no’ isn’t a death penalty.  Yet it’s hard for me not to take a ‘no’ personally; as a rejection to me and not to a request, which is why I’d make a terrible salesperson.  Every time someone would say, ‘I don’t want what you’re selling’, I probably break down and cry.  Praise the Lord, He called me to teach.   I do think however, saying ‘no’ makes it easier to place the answer ‘no’ in its proper place. Maybe I need to say ‘no’ more often, perhaps the process of accepting the negative will be easier.  What do you think? It’s this how it’s works? When I tell the kids ‘no’ I want them to accept that it’s for their own good, that it’s not being said out of spite (sometimes).  I guess I should take my advice, huh?  If I remember that ‘everything’ which is Every. Single. Thing. ‘is working out for my good’, then isn’t it conceivable that rejection is also for my good?  Because I am fallible, then it’s also plausible that a few (just a few now, let’s not go overboard) of my plans are deemed faulty by the Infallible God. 

‘No’ is a good word.  When it’s accepted, it can lead to provisions, protection, safety, true love, the right college, the perfect home, and so much more.  No is for our good. It’s says, ‘not here’, but ‘there’; not this one, but that one.  ‘No’ isn’t a word, we need to fear; it brings beauty, joy, safety.  Remember, no one does anything to us, without the Lord’s say so.  The Lord allows and He does. He allows our plans to fail at times, because it’s best for us. Failure forces us to our knees, it turns our attention to the Lord.  He brings rejection, but it’s for us to go the other way, because the path we’re on leads to destruction, even if we can’t see it. 

On paper, our plans may look good, but because we cannot see around the corner, we have to trust the ‘no’ when it comes our way.  On paper, in our limited vision, our plans are the best. We’ve dotted the i’s and crossed our ‘t’s’ and it’s perfect.  We have prayed about the plans and have brought it before Lord.  We think we have surrendered,  but somehow, we are still assured that these are the best plans, except perhaps they are not. Except perhaps the Lord has a better way, a better plan and it requires that we let go of these wonderful, perfect plans.  

I am a planner.  I had my life all planned out, even my plans had plans and then I had contingency plans, you know, just in case.  I had plan A and B and C sometimes D also made an appearance.  The Lord allowed some plans to come to fruition, others He totally rejected, much to my disappointment. Along the way, I’ve come to the conclusion, that He is right.  I know right? What a revelation!  But you see, rejection takes a minute to fully process and accept.  Needless to say, the Lord has to rescue me from my plans quite a few times and He continues to do so, even today.   When rejection comes, and it will, let’s say, “thank You, Lord’ and try another path. No is good and NO is for our good, because we serve a God, WHO is GOOD.  No should not be regarded as a personal rejection, the Lord isn’t saying no to you (the individual) but rather to the path or the plans that will inevitably bring hurt and pain.  

Trust Him, especially during the ‘NO’, believe me, growth and maturity starts there. Surrender those plans to Him, start on the path, but watch out for the roadblocks.  You may be required to go another way, to travel another path.  But usually we won’t know what God’s plans are, until we have started on ours.  

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Have you had any setbacks? I’m going to start on the plans, I have made and I will trust the Lord with them. I give Him permission (not that He needs it) to adjust as He sees fit. Will you join me?

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