Hey friends, how are you today?  How was your week? I had a great week, thank you for asking. Our weather hasn’t been terrible, a bit chilly, but it is winter, or is it? This weather has definitely been unusually warm, that’s for sure.  Rain in January? Really??   My mom would say, “the Lord is coming soon”, which is of course inevitably true,  but Peter also said theses exact words in I Peter 4:7 more than 2000 years ago.  

While we wait, we will enjoy rain in January and snow in July.  While we wait, we will live life abundantly with thanksgiving for this upside-down weather, knowing that the winds and waves obey the Master of the Universe.  Our God holds the world in His Hand, and it obeys Him, without negotiation.  We’re the only ones of His creation with the limited freedom to disobey and choose a different course, much to our detriment, of course.  Choices! Choices! Choices! We choose the path, but not the consequence! How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend? 

I have every intention of enjoying a pamper session this weekend.  Thankfully, I’ve already washed my hair, because that’s more of a chore than a luxury. Oh, but these: these are my favorite products in my pamper session including a good romance book.  On Saturday, find me at home, with Riley Clemmons (my new favorite) on Spotify

Riley Clemmons Essentials on Spotify

and these products:

You’ve heard (read) that one of my favorite facial brands is Sheseido, here, in my monthly favorites. I love this purifying mask because it is the only clay mask that does not dry my face. Quite the opposite, it leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized while the mask hardens (what magic is this?)

The microbes in this product isn’t harsh; which is perfect for my very sensitive skin, I usually use this first, then the clay mask.

These are also great masks. Elemis Enzyme Peel, thankfully isn’t really a peel off mask, I dislike these. I will use one or the other, not both at the same time. My face loves these products because of the moisture and softness it leaves after use.

BoxyCharm sent me this product and I do not know how I ever lived without it. Most oils has the tendency to just sit on my face without really penetrating the skin. Not this Elemis Pro-collagen rose facial oil. It is perfect.

Another month, another Boxycharm product, this is almost done and I have to repurchase. I suffer from dry skin, especially during the winter. This product does exactly what it says, it quenches and leaves a glow to the skin.

Of course, Jazz will be the perfect companion. I would try to pamper her too, but I think she may object to such treatment. What are a few of your pamper routines? How was your week? What’s your weather like, in your neck of the woods?

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19 responses to “TIME TO PAMPER”

  1. “We choose the path, but not the consequence!” Wow – what a quote! Something to think upon deeply.
    One of the selling points of the house we bought is the walk-in tub with jets. Some essential oils and soothing music – aaaahhhh! I may need to do that this weekend.

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  2. For me pampering is a nice hot bath loaded with my favorite bath salts and then a relaxing moment of music. Oh girl I love my jazz—-am still a diehard Kenny G and Boney James lover. And if the sound of rain is hitting on my roof that makes it all the better. Blessings.

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  3. My pampering routine includes taking a hot bath once a week. The other days, I only get a shower in. I use to go to the spa; but haven’t done any pampering in more than a couple of years. My day is coming though. I’ve had a fabulous week! Thanks for asking Brenda! I have enjoyed this unusual; but still cool winter. The sound of the rain was heavenly!!

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