Hey friends, how are you today? Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?   Our weekend was busy but superb. We celebrated the birthday of a beautiful friend and of course, enjoyed the fellowship of friends and family at worship service.  Our weather has been absolutely beautiful, I just cannot complain.  We have been enjoying temperatures above the freeze mark for the past week and it is wonderful.  How is your weather? Did you watch the Superbowl? 

We did a lot of socializing over the past weekend, which meant we spent a lot of time with people. You know, those created in the image of God, Himself.  We were even told, ‘I love you’ by some (I know right!?) Me!! Loved!!   ‘Love’, we bandy that word around quite a bit, don’t we? As a matter of fact, I think we hear this word said more today, than ever before.  Almost everyone loves everyone.  As a matter of fact, some people even believe they love more or even better than the One, Who IS Love.  As a parent, it was hard for me, to surrender, our kids to the Lord.  Could He love them more than me? Would He protect them as well as I do? Was He trustworthy? Could I do a better job at parenting than He?

Trust is rooted in God’s love for us.  Because He loves us, He is trustworthy; because He is trustworthy, He loves us.  

When a horrific incident occurs, most people wonder of the validity of God’s love.  If He loved me, why did He let this happen? He says He loves us, but over two hundred thousand people were killed in a 2004 Tsunami. Didn’t He care? Why didn’t He save Kobe Bryant and his daughter during that crash? If fact, why does He allow such tragedies in the world? Is that love? Yes!! It is! Unequivocally, undeniably, undisputedly yes, because God IS love.  He cannot change that, everything He does is steeped and rooted in love.  Everything He does is entrenched in truth, is enriched with compassion and encompassed in love.   

I have come to the conclusion that the Lord is a personal God, He isn’t a ‘group’ kind of God.  He doesn’t have obligations toward descendants because of their ancestors.  He deals with people, much like you and me.  I can group two hundred thousand people together, yet the Lord knew each name.  I can group nine people together, but the Lord, He knew each name and the character associated with each person.  Today there are over seven billion people in the world. The Lord knows each name; He knows the character and thoughts and deeds of each, individual person. He knows their circumstances of life, not as it progresses, but even before their conception.  He knows their beginning and their end; He knows it all.  No thought is hidden from Him.  We were created by Him and for His glory. We may not think it’s fair ( as if we understand fairness, right?) but that’s why He is God and we are not.  

Each person is beautifully created in His image and unconditionally, unwaveringly loved by the God of the Universe, whether they lived a day or a hundred and twenty years.  God is love and He alone created the standard for love.  No one loves us more the Lord, Himself, no one ever will, even if they wanted. And most times friends, though they may say the words, most do not understand the responsibility that comes with saying these three words, ‘I love you’.  

‘I love you’ today, but in less than two years, we are headed toward a divorce, because ‘he doesn’t make me happy anymore’.  Love is risky, isn’t it?   ‘I love you today’ but I haven’t spoken to you in over twenty years, because of some offense, I can’t even remember today.  Love allows others into our hearts.  ‘I love you’ but this is the tenth time, you’ve hurt me and now I have to cut you out of my life. Love can sometimes, be painful (ask the Lord, we fall short at least 10 times daily, [that’s me, being conservative]).  Love demands forgiveness, does it not? Do we love more the God? Do we dare says these words out loud? 

No, friends, we cannot love more than God, that’s an impossible feat, it simply cannot happen. I have told our girls on countless occasions, that the guy who says ‘I love you’ to them, must love the Lord with all his heart and all his soul, only then can his love be trusted.  Because chile, man’s love is as fickle as rain.  Most times, our love for others is dependent on who they are or what they do for us.

God loves you, my friend.  You; with all the faults and flaws.  You; who have failed and has so made a ‘mess’ of your life, believe me, He already knew you were going to do just that, and He doesn’t love you any less, because He said, ‘nothing (absolutely NO THING can  separate us from His Love).  He absolutely, unconditionally, unwaveringly, unfailingly loves you. He knows you inside out and still, you are loved beyond measure. And the best part? We are all loved the same. He shows no partiality.  Let me tell you a secret……shhhhhh……He loves us far more than we could love ourselves.  He loves, because He is love.  

Love and live life today, remember you are loved by the God of the Universe!

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