Greetings my friends and family, how are you today? How was your week? My week was productive, thank you for asking.  I began (again) my exercise regime. It’s difficult for me, to exercise during the winter.  I really dislike the treadmill, although I do also have a stationary bike. But running is my jam; I feel invincible when I run, I think the music I listen to certainly cultivates that delusional thinking, but I like it.  Of course, the girls left on Sunday, so I’ve had to readjust and embrace the silence (although I did look forward to it; shhhh… we won’t tell them I said that, might hurt their feelings).  I have to wash my hair; I hate to wash my hair; did I say that out loud? Oops! 

The weather in my neck of the woods has been very indecisive, this week; I can totally relate.  At the beginning of the week, our temperatures were in the 40°s.  Mid-week arrived with about 5 inches of snow and 24°.  Today, it is raining, and the temperature is back in the 40°s.  This is so very unusual for our neck of the woods, so much so, that even the trees and the birds are confused.  I know the snow lodges around are definitely not at all happy with this weather.  But guess what? I am totally fine, as a matter of fact, I went ahead and glanced at the forecasted temperatures all the way into March and they promised, the weather just gets better and better.  

This was Wednesday and it got progressively worse throughout the day

Ahhh, but if only we could trust their word, right? I mean really, who could see that far into the future? I know it is merely a supposition, but will I put away my winter gear, just yet?  Last winter, the meteorologists promised an unusually mild winter, but chile… January and February helped us forget all that mildness which occurred in December.  Nope, I’m taking this winter, one day at a time.  

It’s easy to place our hope in man or man-made things, at times. We really did not intend to, it just happened. To most of us, Christians, a lot ‘just happens’ in our lives, doesn’t it? I’m reminded of the story of Peter, as he walked on the water to the Lord Jesus.  As long as his eyes were fixed on the Lord, he was able to walk on the water, in spite of the waves crashing beside him.  But the moment he took his eyes off the Lord, he saw the waves.  Fear became his enemy, he lost sight of his Hope, and he began to sink. Sufficient for today, right? One day at a time.  Our Father waits with forgiveness, mercy and grace in His hands.  Let’s live life intentionally, with our eyes fixed on the Savior. Let’s remember we have an enemy; let’s remember most times, we are our own enemy.  But when we do falter and begin to sink, let’s hold our hands up in surrender.  

How was your week? Do you have an encouraging post? Link it along with your comment down below.  Let’s motivate each other throughout the month. 

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