Hey friends, how are you doing? Happy thanksgiving to you and yours, even though it was perhaps impossible to celebrate with ‘yours’ this year.  We have learnt that ‘in all things’ and ‘for all things’ we give thanks.  For example, today in my neck of the woods, it is a damp, drab, dull, dismal, dreary, drizzly day, … More BLOG PARTY


Hey friends, how are you doing today? How was your weekend? We had a wonderful weekend, thank you for asking.  Hubby and I decided to enjoy a quick weekend getaway. It was time to relax and explore a bit further afield in Watkins Glen, along the beautiful CNY Finger Lakes.  It was exactly what 2020 recommended and … More READ YOUR BIBLE!!


Hello, my friends, how are you doing today? Spring came with a vengeance and now summer nips at her toes, while she whispers, “move over, I’m here”.   Our temperatures have been in the 80°s all week long with brilliant, bright, beautiful, blazing sunshine and this morning, we woke up to a wonderful 63°, amidst open windows.   … More SHALL WE BEGIN AGAIN?


Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? How have you been? I say, lately, our weather has had a mind of its own (well… that’s not completely true, is it?). Anyway, it was so windy yesterday, that I’m not even surprised that I have not heard any birds today.  They were probably ‘blown’ … More I’M BETTER FOR IT