Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? How have you been? I say, lately, our weather has had a mind of its own (well… that’s not completely true, is it?). Anyway, it was so windy yesterday, that I’m not even surprised that I have not heard any birds today.  They were probably ‘blown’ away, just as I was, when I tried to walk across the yard.  But this is not a complain, because it was a beautiful 66°, thank You, Lord.  How has your weather been, lately? Has spring all the way sprung yet? Our weather hasn’t made up its mind.  

The weather does not really have a mind of its own, does it? As a matter of fact, the weather has a Master and has no choice but to obey, when the Master speaks. We are told here that the “winds and the waves obey” the Lord of the Universe (Matthew 8:27).  We are told the not even the birds make a move without the knowledge of the Lord.   Every living thing breathes because the Master allows it.  

In the Book of Genesis, Joseph says to his brothers, “what you intended for evil, God meant for good” (Genesis 50:20).    In Job, we are told that the angles, which also include Satan reported to their Creator (Job 1:6).   The Supreme God of the Universe knows our names.  He calls us by name; He says, (Isaiah 43:1)… “I have called you by name, you are Mine”.  He called me His own, when I accepted His Son as my Savior and He said “no man shall pluck you out of MY hands (John 10:28).  And chile, we don’t serve a puny god.  No honey, when He says, ‘no man’, He meant exactly that! He is God. He is strong and powerful.  He is great and mighty.  He is incomparable, there is none like Him and none can compare to Him.  He is the Creator of all and all answer or will answer to Him. 

This COVID19 disease is not here by accident. It did not sneak in; it did not take Him by surprise.  Whatever you may be facing today is not here by accident, it did not sneak in, it did not take God by surprise.  He allows, sometimes passively; He allows incidents into our lives, it may take us by surprise; but He is working it out for our good.  Always, always, always He works for our good and for His  glory.  He also actively orchestrates the events in our lives, with the express goal of ‘working it out for our good.

  ‘Our good’ always leads to a closer, healthy more dependent relationship with the God of the Universe. ‘Our good’ directs us to surrender and trust His will.  ‘Our good’ leaves us with peace and joy.  Anything that takes our eyes off our Savior isn’t ‘for our good’. Usually and unfortunately for us, ‘our good’ comes through trials and tribulations, because as humans (just take a look at our kids) we learn best under pressure.  

When we come out of this ‘time’ in our lives, may we be better for it.  How are you doing? 

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32 responses to “I’M BETTER FOR IT”

  1. So much truth here! I ask God to help me be receptive to the things He wants to teach me so I don’t have to endure so much pressure! 🙂 I hope your weekend is full of good.

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  2. Beautiful thoughtful post Brenda!! Indeed God has a plan over this whole thing!! I continually pray that the unreached would turn to Him!!

    When people begin to talk about things returning to “normal” soon I keep thinking “but am I okay with normal?”…what changes need to be made for my future normal because I’ve learned so much through this time and I don’t want to revert back to my impatient, on the go self when things return to “normal” so I’m trying to figure out how to mesh this current lifestyle and the things I’ve learned during my coronavirus-downtime with what’s to come when life eventually returns to fast-paced “normal”……k my thoughts are long, I should really write a post over this😂😂😂 take care sweet friend!!

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  3. In my part of the UK, nr London, we have had spring and winter rainstorms, interspersed with beautiful sunny days. it must be spring because tulips, daffodils etc have bloomed and in some places well past their best. I’m not sure which season we are in lol.

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  4. I’m doing fine! I had my pity party. Truthfully, this is different for all isn’t it? And where would I be without my faith in Christ💚 thank you for your constant encouragement and positivity. God bless you!

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  5. This is such an amazing post, I felt so encouraged by it! Definitely would love to connect with you on Instagram! I love reminders about faith and trusting God, I have just started a Christian blog about God’s promises and staying faithful to His Word!

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  6. I’m doing fine. Still waiting for medical test results for my daughter (not Covid related), but I’m trusting God that all will be okay. Thank you for your post that encouraged me about what a big and awesome God we serve!

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