Hey friends, how are you today? My theme for the past week is found in Psalm 118:24. And I quote, “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it”.  

Lately,  I’ve had to remind myself of this verse, because our weather has been terrible.  Our average temperature has not risen (with one exception) beyond the mid 40° and it has been cold, rainy, gloomy, dreary and cloudy; perfect quarantine weather.  Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I have a choice.  I could rejoice in this day, whatever this day may look like, whatever this day may bring my way, whatever ‘curve balls’ my day may entail; I have a choice to make today.  

I could choose to rejoice and trust that the Lord orchestrated this day, just for me.  In my circle, the Lord of the Universe has designed each day for my good.  Now it’s up to me. I could complain and whine about the lack of sunshine or I could find pleasure in this day.  Today, just today I choose to rejoice.   I will keep reminding myself, that April’s showers bring May’s flowers.

Phew! Lately I’ve been so bombarded on every side with media animosity, that I’ve had to limit my intake of media, including the social kind.  Unfortunately, this animosity has surely but albeit slowly made its way into my life. The more I allow its infiltration, the more hostile I have the tendency to become, regrettably. It’s like a sly, slithery, sneaky, slimy snake, whose singular goal is to infect everyone with vexation for one thing or another.  We’re upset with each other over this, or over that.  We’ve made each other our enemy over simple matters, that truly, enviably will not matter in the long run.  Who is my enemy? Are you my enemy?  

Are you my enemy if you do not agree with my choice of political affiliation? Perhaps it’s because of your response to this virus? Are you my enemy if you choose to raise your kids differently to me? Maybe it’s because you chose not to take my advice? How about when we defer in our opinions? Are you my enemy if you chose not to accept my Lord as your Savior? 

One of our greatest faults as Christians is the tendency to judge everyone according to the standard set just for us.  We are Christians, the Word of God is our law; this law does not apply to those who do not know the Lord.  We can’t hold everyone to our standard, in fact we very rarely keep those standards our selves, right? Yet we judge all by what we’ve been commanded to, by our God. We want everyone to love, to be gentle, to be caring, to be humble, to be forgiving, even though they do not know the Lord as their Savior.  We desire that they do not steal, do not commit adultery yet they’re not saved. They first must acknowledge the Lord as their Savior; they need the Lord.  They can’t be our enemies, right? They do what comes naturally to them..

On the other hand, because as Christians we all belong to the family of God, we really cannot make each other our enemies, either, (fortunately, perhaps unfortunately) God does not allow it.  He does expect us to be loving, kind, and forgiving, especially within the family.  

He expects us to ‘live peaceably with each other(Romans 12:18). He gives us these laws, which most have to do with the treatment of people, and He expects us, as His children to abide by them.  We may not all agree on the same things, we may even have differing opinions about the application of God’s Word, but we’ve been task to love and forgive each other.  Therefore, we can’t have enemies among our family either, right?

So, then who is our enemy? Our enemy is truly the enemy of God.  Although his battle is really against the God of the universe, we are the pawns on this Chess game.  We can allow the Lord to use us, to grow us to draw us closer to Himself, or we can be used by the enemy of our soul and sow discord and strife.

We have choices, we can choose to extend grace and more grace, as we have received even more grace from the Lord.  We can choose to forgive as we’ve been forgiven. We can choose to acknowledge the fact that we each have our own journeys, with convictions that may not apply to all saints. You may have been called to worship on Sundays and other on Saturdays, one eats meat, while another does not.  We are not better than each other, because our views are different.  They  are different not superior.  Choices! Choices! Choices! 

Who is your enemy? Do you have any? How do you manage anger?

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  1. […] Hey friends, how are you today? My theme for the past week is found in Psalm 118:24. And I quote, “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it”.   Lately,  I’ve had to remind myself of this verse, because our weather has been terrible.  Our average temperature has not… — Read on […]

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  2. Amen. The Lord has been showing me that too much intake of social media can quickly become an idol. That idol then affects my mood, disposition, etc. we are called to be the light at all times. So I’ve put news, social media back in their proper places. Thank you for sharing, right on time for me ❤️

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  3. Thanks for sharing this post Brenda. We do need to walk in love towards one another regardless of differences.

    Galatians 6:10, “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

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  4. This article washed over me. It was stunning. This whole truth is needed. I am reminded of how God has called us to truly love one another. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement. God is so good.

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  5. Wonderful post, Brenda. I totally understand having to limit the media… including social media.
    It has a way of sticking with you, especially when the main topic (COVID-19) is something we are all affected by.
    I love the verses. It is so much sweeter to stay inside with Him! He is the One who called the time out!
    He is jealous for us! ❤
    Love the heels! Wow those look dangerous (thinking on how people often use them as weapons)
    Praying you are staying safe and well, my friend.
    Me and God think you are amazing! 🙂

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  6. Thank you for this post! As members of the family of Christ we are called to love and support one another. My enemy is typically my own mind. Or my perceptions of what I believe it to be. Simply, I strive to love others and not judge. Who am I to judge? Jesus was able to lead, not self-serving, but with love. He didn’t turn leading into pride, but humility. And I want to help lead others to the only truth I’ve ever known ~and it’s the power of Christ. He is the only path to true peace in my life. Thank you for this beautiful post of truth. 💚🙏🏻❤️

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  7. Yes! The enemy is truly unseen and he is against ALL of us. Sadly some of us, even believers, are unwittingly assisting him in his goals. I pray that God will shut my mouth and open my eyes and lead me daily because otherwise, I’m very likely to be guilty of aiding the enemy. P.S.I hope the weather is better today. Take care!

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  8. Great post! I am brought under conviction a lot about this. Mainly, the judgments I have made and allowing social media to do our thinking for us. Thank you sister!

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  9. Heart check 1,2!!! I find that the battle in myself, with me sometimes. The pettiness of my sinful nature towards others tends to come out whenever I feel the need to be right. The other party isn’t my enemy. Satan is my enemy, my flesh is my enemy. Great Post, Brenda. Convicting too. This causes me to focus and look to Him (God) instead of within.

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  10. Well said!! I have to be mindful of choosing the right attitude too especially when the weather is gloomy.
    I’m definitely my own worst enemy!! I can knit pick myself apart in the snap of a finger, it’s exhausting but I also recognize it (so there’s that) but overcoming is a different story!!🥴

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  11. Thank you for this wonderful timely posting. I have been struggling with the media and more the social opinions lately. I’m so sick of it all. I need a time out. Your post just put in into perspective for me. You always come on times and you break it down so beautifully. You are truly a gifted teacher and writer.
    Thanks again!

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  12. How ironic that your post is about choices. That’s something I’ve been working on lately as I continue to heal and recover from grief. I really had to understand that every day I have a choice to make. I can either lie in my wounds ( abandonement, saddness and fear ) and feel defeated or I can choose to be joyful while allowing God to continue to troubleshoot the issues of my heart. There’s nothing that says we have to stop living and enjoying life because of our circumstances. We have to make a decision ! Thanks for sharing🙏

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  13. I think I’m my own worst enemy sometimes bc of my anxiety. Please keep me and my daughter in your prayers. She had a scary medical test today and won’t get results for several days.

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