Hey friends, how are you today? Our weather has been rather busy, here. We’ve had a return of winter, with snow and cold temperatures. The birds are confused, and the flowers have bowed their poor heads in defeat. Our temperatures have dipped in the 20°(s)  and rarely rose above 45° during the day.  I’m about to bow my head in defeat.  Sometimes, when one thing is wrong with our world, it isn’t hard to view all subsequent circumstances in that same light.  The worst is almost expected, right? 

With that outlook on life, it’s hard to appreciate present circumstances. It’s hard to see the goodness of the Lord, when I view life through myopic or distorted lens.  Only when I recall that the Lord of the Universe is in control, can I truly be thankful for where I am placed.  Sometimes, it means I have to ask the Lord to open my eyes to ‘see’ His goodness. God’s blessings can always be found in His Word and in the time spent with Him.  Perhaps I may need to be reminded by others, like my friends and family.  At times, it’s listening to music or our favorite preachers.  But just in case, there is the need for additional help, here are six things we can be thankful for, during this time;

Time – today, we have more time on our hands than we’ve had for quite some ‘time’ (see what I did there).  Before this virus, most of us wished for more time to spend with our families, to complete unfinished tasks, to draw closer to our God.  Guess what? We’ve got the time.  

Home – we have a roof over our heads, during this time.  That is a blessing, especially during this time, when social distance is a necessity. It’s an additional blessing when the house has heat as winter makes her return. 

Abilities– whatever they are, the Lord has definitely equipped us all with something special, just for us and for the purpose of service to others. Some of us are hospitable, others are great teachers, and still others are wonderful preachers.  We all have a gift; for His glory and for our good.

Nature – our Lord has given us such beauty around us.  The hills and mountains, the oceans and the seas.  The birds and the squirrels, as they flitter from tree to tree.  The trees and the flowers as they bud and bloom into a variety of colors. 

Knowledge – to be in the know; to know that we know that we know what we know.  Our God has not left us ignorant, He gave us sixty-six books, where we are reminded that they are profitable for knowledge. When we spend time in the Word of God, knowledge of who He is and who we are, will be inevitable. Knowledge leads to doctrine, doctrine leads to godliness.

Salvation – such great grace; a gift so free and so wonderful.  We owed a debt, we could not pay, Our Savior paid a debt He did not owe, so that we could spend eternity with Him.  What a blessing!  

Really… how are you doing? How are you handling this ‘social distance’ during this pandemic?  What are some things you are thankful for during this time? 

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53 responses to “ITS A SIX FOR THANKSGIVING”

  1. Along with all the wonderful things you mentioned, Brenda, I’m thankful for social media, providing ways for us to stay connected while apart. Years ago snail mail and expensive long distance phone calls would have been the only ways to stay in touch with those outside the immediate area. It’s not quite so lonesome with FaceTime, Facebook, and blogging!

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  2. I am thankful for…I’m not sure where to begin. Laughter and love of family and friends-at a distance of course. Thankful for the mornings alone with my heavenly Father as He speaks to me through the word. Thankful for the encouragement we can find in so many places including fellow bloggers.

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  3. Yes, ma’am. There is a lot to be grateful for at this time and always. I am grateful for His words, it has really helped shaped my thoughts and yes for Love from friends and family and the blessing to be able to reach out too.

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  4. “Only when I recall that the Lord of the Universe is in control, can I truly be thankful for where I am placed.” Amen! He is the Blessed Controller of ALL things and He uses all of our experiences for our good and His glory. Thanks for a beautiful article on giving thanks! God Bless you!

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  5. Brenda, yes, we need to remind ourselves of these things every day during this “thing.” I know my grandmother’s family lived through a number of catastrophes in her lifetime and in less comfortable circumstances. We have cozy home, a garden, only responsible for ourselves, not a dozen children. We have enough food, despite the panic-buyers clearing the shelves. I’ve had kind people pick up groceries for me. I may not be able to do that for people, but I can make them some bread or whatever and keep in contact with those who need some encouragement. Yes, most of us have a great deal to be thankful for.

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  6. Great reminders!! Thank you so much Brenda for a positive outlook!!
    We’ve had crazy weather here too…it was in the 30s with some snow on Thursday, yesterday it gradually melted off and today it’s supposed to reach 70s…on those colder days our family struggles a bit more with quarantine, we’d rather be outside running around the property…today that should happen ❤️
    Have an amazing weekend friend!!

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  7. It snowed 5 inches yesterday where I live and it will be 65 degrees tomorrow and in the 70s next week. April can be a crazy month.

    There are many things to be grateful for which can help us keep our focus on God and not our current situation.

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  8. We’ve regularly been praying for our Muslim neighbors to come to know Jesus but haven’t known even how to make any headway. Then my wife made bread yesterday and brought our neighbor an extra loaf. Today a knock came on our front door today a there was our blessed neighbor with two pieces of home made baclava! Thank you Jesus for building bridges in unexpected ways to people we have been praying for.

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  9. What a great post – chocked full of delicious meat and potatoes! As well as beautiful pictures – Thank you 🙂
    I am in withdrawals from spending time with my little granddaughter during this stay-at-home order in Texas, but the weather is lovely and walking in nature around my yard is good. God is good! And facetime is good too. Thanks for this great post – have a beautiful day ❤

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