Hello, my friends, how are you doing today? Spring came with a vengeance and now summer nips at her toes, while she whispers, “move over, I’m here”.   Our temperatures have been in the 80°s all week long with brilliant, bright, beautiful, blazing sunshine and this morning, we woke up to a wonderful 63°, amidst open windows.  

As life  slowly makes her way into our neighborhood, the sounds of human activities will all too soon overpower those of nature.  Lawn mowers and construction will scare the birds and squirrels off and perhaps they will join forces and seek shelter, where they will be allowed to roam freely, without the sounds of human input.   As the sun rises earlier and earlier each day, it’s difficult to enjoy the ‘quiet’ of the day, as we again desire to accomplish a ten-day task in two days.  

Why do we find it so difficult to slow down?  Lately, I’ve been reading the book of Ecclesiastes.  Although, I’ve read through the Bible several times, I don’t think I’ve read Ecclesiastes with the sole purpose of gainful knowledge.  It’s quite enlightening (well duh! Every book of the Bible is profitable, is it not?).  Solomon, the wisest and one of the richest persons, who ever lived is the author (you know what I mean) of this book.  While I read the first two chapters, the primary thought that run through my head, was that Solomon was a bit depressive.  Life, he said, with all its activities is as vapor in the wind; just temporary, flitting, vapor.  

As I continued to read, the realization dawned, that he meant that although life, as it stands, is like a vapor and its activities, in the scheme of things, do profit very little; the life of those who know and love the Lord can be beautiful.  As the world awakes in bitterness, anger, strife and impatience, we can be the peace, love, gentleness, and long suffering that is most certainly needed.  We can choose to deliberately adhere to the standards found in the Word of God.  We can choose to intentionally become; be kind, be generous, put on righteousness.

We’ve been given the choice of a new way of life; what will we choose? 

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54 responses to “SHALL WE BEGIN AGAIN?”

  1. I Thank Ecclesiastes has much to say to us in the world today. We are falling into Solomons trap. We are making life all about success in this world and we forget there’s a whole Nother world we should be looking at.

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  2. Physical gains mean nothing, for they can be gone in a flash. But spiritual growth, how we live our lives, now that cannot be taken away from us. How much we do does not matter as much as how we do it, in what frame of mind, in what spirit do we move through our day. Many blessings to you!

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  3. Beautiful!! I’ve had a yearning in my heart to read Ecclesiastes lately, especially the verse about there being a time for everything, but I’m in the book of acts right now and I’m bound to finish that out before I move onto a different book😂Thank you for the simple teaching of what Gods showing you through this book ❤️

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  4. Over the past several weeks, I keep reminding myself, “to everything, there is a season.” Knowing there is a season to everything has helped me accept this crazy season that we are going through.

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  5. Amen my friend. As I read the verse you quoted from Ecclesiastes, what spoke to me through it is that our life is truly a vapor, a moment in the big picture of God’s creation. In that moment of my life, I feel called and compelled to seek Jesus in every person I meet. This is my prayer and God has been working in and through me to be the hands and feet, eyes and body of Jesus. I’m sure my prayer is the desire of God and I find it much more life giving to seek the goodness in every person I encounter.

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  6. I’m thinking–those beautiful rays of sunshine streaming in your windows are a perfect image of what we can do as we head out and about again. We can be the sunshine of God’s peace, love, righteousness, etc.–in contrast to the bitterness, anger, and strife around us–and help change the atmosphere in our corners of the world. It IS what Jesus urged us to do (Matthew 5:14-16). Thank you for the inspiration of your imagery, Brenda, that helps illustrate the difference we can make!

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  7. Oh, sister, so true. Keep going. There are many nuggets in Ecclesiastes. Prudence in worship (5:1), vows before God (5:4), the proper pursuit and use of goods and money (5:13ff), the benefits of reputation, sorrow, wisdom, and contentment (chapter 7), obedience to rulers (8:2ff), the benefits of work (9:10ff), diligence in diversifying (chap 11), and the value of pursuing God from your youth (12:1ff) to name a few.

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  8. My favorite verse since 5th grade has been Ecclesiastes 12:14, “For everything will come into judgement, including every secret thing, whether it is good, or whether it is evil.” Most people look at me like I’m crazy when I say that (I mean, it is a rather terrifying verse,) but it always reminded me that God knew everything I was going through. He would take care of the “fairness” of things in the end, so I didn’t have to worry about it. You are right; the world is depressing and broken and full of pain, but God ultimately brings order and meaning.

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    • I see why you love this verse and I say ‘amen. As a a child growing up, I remember one of my favorite things I absolutely love about our God is His fairness and His justice. Thanks for bringing this up, I love it. God bless you 🙂

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  9. Spring and summer are dancing in the wind while the sky light up in storms! The beautiful flowers accent the day while gardens sprout and take root in the freshly filled soil! God is so good! God bless you and your family!

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