Hey friends, how are you doing? How have you been lately? Happy first day of June.  Can you believe it? Already we have lived five months into the new year, five whole months! I honestly do not know where the time went, neither can I say what I’ve done during those months.  Someone recently said, “even the … More GETTING BACK?


Hey friends, how are you today? What’s your weather like in your neck of the woods? Currently, it is 48° under cloudy skies, with rain in the forecast.  Have I told you, it’s a beautiful day, in my neck of the woods? Well, its time to rectify this; it’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood.  In spite … More THEY CALL ME… MOM


Hello my friends.  How are you? I pray that you are having a great day.  You do know that’s up to you, right? We can’t control nature, circumstances or people… I know, I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.  BUT what we do have is control over our own actions, emotions and our thoughts, our attitudes; or perhaps I should … More DO NOT LEAVE ME


Hey friends, how are you today? Here is my neck of the woods, it is an abysmal, bleak, cloudy, dreary, forlorn (couldn’t think of an appropriate ‘e’ word) and gloomy day. It has been raining since yesterday and it continues into this day, even the squirrels sought shelter.  I’ve said before, I love rainy days almost … More RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY


Hey friends, how are you doing today? How was your weekend? We had a wonderful weekend, thank you for asking.  Hubby and I decided to enjoy a quick weekend getaway. It was time to relax and explore a bit further afield in Watkins Glen, along the beautiful CNY Finger Lakes.  It was exactly what 2020 recommended and … More READ YOUR BIBLE!!