Hey friends, how are you today? What’s your weather like in your neck of the woods? Currently, it is 48° under cloudy skies, with rain in the forecast.  Have I told you, it’s a beautiful day, in my neck of the woods? Well, its time to rectify this; it’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood.  In spite of the clouds and the inevitable rain, I will be glad today.  It’s my choice and I’ve chosen to enjoy this day.  Because today is a good day. What are your plans for the day? 

Sunday is Mothers’ Day and as a mother myself, I look forward to that day.  It is the one day, I do absolutely nothing for anyone, but me.  I know that sounded absolutely selfish, but I’m okay with it.  Praise the Lord, it’s on a Sunday and thankfully, there isn’t much to do anyway.  Attend service, a time to fellowship and worship, which I do enjoy.  Then dinner (whatever I want to eat) and afterwards a good book and television with the family.  PLUS, the next day is my birthday. Two whole days of doing absolutely nothing. Yep, I absolutely love Mothers’ Day.  How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Whether you are a mother or not, what are your plans? 

Mentors.  how many times did we say as children, “I will never do this and that” as our moms; yet today, so much (perhaps too much) of our parenting styles come from them.  Remember the next generation’s eyes are watching and monitoring.  

Observant. They are expected to know where the socks and the keys are located and surprisingly, they usually do know.  They even know what assignments needs to be completed.  

Talented.  They are chefs, they are teachers and lawyers too.  They are maids and chauffeurs.  They are even doctors too.  

Hardworking.  They can’t afford to be idle, that’s way to costly. 

Efficient. They are quick to develop schedules that maximize time in order to accomplish the most tasks; as a matter of fact; they’ve even solved all world problems.  Ask them, they’ve got the solutions.  

Resourceful.  They have to often think outside the box; the dog ate the homework? Okay…let’s see how we can fix this.

Superheroes.  They have to be, or else the world would literally come to a crashing halt.  

Happy, happy mother’ day.  May the Lord bless you on this day. 

 How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Whether you are a mother or not, what are your plans? 

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56 responses to “THEY CALL ME… MOM”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday to you. I hope you had a wonderful day. I am relaxing and enjoying a time with my immediate family. I hope and pray you will be celebrated.

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  2. Beautiful post Brenda!
    I’m going to enjoy afternoon tea with one of my daughters & two of my granddaughters.
    The others live interstate & I’m sure I’ll hear from them during the course of the day as my mother will from me!
    Happy mother’s day & happy birthday!
    Bless you,

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  3. I LOVE your delightful girls! They are blessed to call you Mom.
    My, my: you’ve got it made for two day sin a row. Good for you! Enjoy to the hilt!
    Happy Mothers Day, and Happy birthday, Brenda! ❤😁

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  4. It’s sunny and in the 80s here, which I am loving! I keep forgetting that Mother’s Day is this weekend. Having a day to yourself sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.

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  5. Happy Mother’s Day Brenda! And birthday too! I will spend the day at my Mother’s house. My two sons, both in the Air Force (one stationed in Alaska and the other in Washington State) will be coming for a visit mid-May. They haven’t been home in 2 1/2 years. It will be a joyous time! God is so good and today was a beautiful day to walk in Branson, Missouri. Like you, I choose joy. You have a beautiful family!!

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  6. REeeeally need a LOVE button for the pictures! May Father continue to bless you as you prepare the next generation AND their children! (Deuteronomy 4:9) ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  7. Happy Mothers Day, Brenda! We have worship and I teach Sunday School. Our youngest son (only one single) is coming home and I plan to let the guys grill hamburgers. I hope to take a walk and take it easy 🙂

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