Hey friends, how are you doing? How have you been lately? Happy first day of June.  Can you believe it? Already we have lived five months into the new year, five whole months! I honestly do not know where the time went, neither can I say what I’ve done during those months.  Someone recently said, “even the things I use to enjoy doing has become a burden for me, lately” and I said, “exactly!”   I have become a slouch and that is being kind.  I am without excuse too; the weather has been absolutely perfect.  Bright, beautiful sun, blue skies, and high temperatures; (well last week was a bummer) but we’ve even been in the 90s°, and still here I am.  Well… maybe I should say, here I was, because I’m committed to do better.  Life is way too short, and we’ve been blessed beyond measure, to allow life to to be lived with minimal effort.  This verse come to mind:

How are you doing, really? As the Lord has allowed us to see a new day, what are your plans for today? What are your plans for the rest of the months in this year, if the Lord allows us to see it? Are you a planner? I used to be a planner, I say ‘used to be’ because for the past few (well…perhaps many) months, I’ve lived life without a plan; in fact, I’ve lived life with very little purpose.  Sometimes, it’s wise to tell it like it is, right? I’ve looked back at the past few months, we are in June, and I’ve done very little.  

This blog is perhaps one of the few things that is all mine (mine in parenthesis, because it is something I believe the Lord specifically gave to me, just me.  My husband is a techie guy, but this, I wanted to do all by myself.  If I had any problems with the setup, I spoke to the WordPress people.  It had to be all mine.  My hubby was very rarely consulted for any of the posts, I wrote what I felt led to write.   Sometimes, I believe the Lord also allowed me to write what I wanted to write about too.  Together, we plodded along. But lately, it has felt like we’re ‘pulling teeth’.  I’ve taken more breaks already this year, than I’ve taken at anytime during the past four years.  That set of footprints in the sand, hasn’t been mine.  

How are you doing, today? Life, we know, throws us curveballs.  Life, we know, is very rarely without mishaps and difficulties. You know that; I know that, so why am I still here? My husband says, as Christians, we must view life through a biblical worldview.  That means, my life with its ups and downs must be viewed through the lens of what the Lord says in His Word.  So, okay then, He says this:

That should have been final, right? The God of the universe is not a man, He CANNOT lie, He keeps His promises, He says what He means, and He means what He says.  He is TRUTH. Why then, am I here? “This is too hard”, I’ve said, “I was not ready”, I’ve said, “I need more time to accept my lot”, I’ve said.  Well…okay then, five months is enough time, isn’t it? Perhaps now is also a good time to remember that time lost can never be regained; it is time lost.  

Really… today, think about it, how are you doing? Today, this first day of a new month, in a new year, brings hope, does it not? Each day, we’ve been blessed with life, is a brand new day, filled to the brim with new opportunities to do better than the day before.  Today is filled with new mercies and new grace enough for today. In spite of what today may bring, grace and mercy will follow us, isn’t that good news? We can begin again.  Hope, another four letter word is filled with beauty, that our Lord gives in abundance.  Today is a beautiful, blessing from the Lord.  Built in today is grace and mercy which heralds hope, all is found in the arms of the God of the Universe. He is bigger than the problems, mightier than the rolling seas, faster than the fastest trains, more powerful than all the mighty men combined. 

We serve a Mighty God. We serve a Mighty God.  We serve a Mighty God.  Let’s us remember that throughout this day and begin again.  How are you today? 

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44 responses to “GETTING BACK?”

  1. I am very peaceful today. My weekend was great minus the cicadas and the heat. I thank God for seeing a new month and a marker of being halfway finished with 2021. I have always enjoyed your conversational tone. I feel like I am sitting with friends who is genuinely concerned about me. Thank you for sharing your heart. This was an excellent post.

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  2. I honestly feel like I am in a waiting room. Totally living on faith in God at this point in my life. Like you said, But God! He will guide our steps, open doors no man can shut. Praying you and us all today! 🙏🏼

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  3. Sometimes what we are learning is so heavy that we need the break to be able to fully process it. Then, when we are through that time of pruning and learning we have a lot to share again. I’m in a season when I am ready to share what I’ve been learning, but life is full and there isn’t always time! I have to keep my priorities in order, and family comes above the blog. 🙂

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  4. I have found myself so unproductive the last two weeks. I am diabetic and my sugar has crept up on me. So I find myself in a “Catch 22” position. I need to exercise and stay busy to get my sugar down. But I am so tired it is hard to get motivated to get up and get moving. My oldest daughter and her husband are coming this weekend for a visit from North Carolina. I’m hoping this will get me back in movement.

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  5. Thank you for your honest, strait-forward posts Brenda! I get a bit tired of all the Praise for good times only. (RE. Job 2:10) I need to know someone else is walking the walk that I walk. All things work out for good, even if I don’t understand or weather I think them Good, Bad or Ugly (RE. Romans 8:28) Count it all Joy (RE. James 1:2)

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    • I absolutely love the way you said this, with the added verses, very encouraging, thank you. I find it rather dishonest to pretend that life with its difficulties does not at times affect us, it will atone time or another. The beauty is always not staying there, that’s repentance and forgiveness without the need for that, there would be no need for salvation

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  6. Indeed Brenda He is mighty!
    We’re all weary from the last year of CoVid trauma, so we need to be kind to ourselves in our weariness as we are but human & there is a cause & effect upon us emotionally, physically & socially when prolonged trauma happens 😉
    Looking to Him as we recover 😀
    For the Joy of the Lord is our strength!
    Bless you,

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  7. Some say when we say we are good or blessed we are not being truthful if life is challenging. But that is not right. God is with us in all things and I am blessed with his presence and peace. Good article.

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  8. I’m so glad to know that through it all God is with us! It’s been a mixture of good and bad here . I don’t put out all my family stuff , ya know , that wouldn’t be right . Good news! One of my sons that has been through very difficult times, he had two job interviews ! I just keep praying. Sometimes in tears. The Lord is with us . No matter what evil happens in politics or culture , we can trust his goodness and mercy and grace. Love you, friend !

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      • He got a job! Praise the Lord! Now we keep praying as he readjusts to a work environment and graveyard shift. Thankfully he starts off part time . I’ve been holding me breath for two years. Pretty sure you’ve prayed for him as well. One day I hope he’ll be at the point where he can glorify God with his testimony.

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  9. Life is messy and I haven’t much liked what has come my way. I’ve buried my feelings and plastered a smile on and pretend all is well with my soul. It’s not, but God and I are discussing it now. Progress! Thanks for you words for a wounded heart.

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  10. 90s…my favorite weather!!!
    Great post! I can relate…I feel stuck in a rut whining about my kids growing up too quickly BUT ugh as I waste time whining I risk missing the season they’re currently in….and blog-writing, oh boy, every week I struggle with writer’s block lately…I need to just slow down and soak in Jesus’ comfort and peace.

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  11. I took 18 months off of posting . I needed the break to reset and actually allow God to pour into and refill me . You can’t pour from an empty vessel really hit home to me during this time . Loved this post . Blessings always

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  12. I love that you always have a photo of yourself with your posts. Your outfits are always fabulous, and it’s definitely an encouragement to me to dress nicely each day. I’m trying to do better at this! I also have a hard time with pictures of just me, alone, yikes! Thanks for the simplicity and encouragement in your photos. Blessings in Christ!

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  13. You and I definitely have different views of what constitutes “good weather!” 90s qualifies as miserable, 80s is pretty bad, and 70s is “tolerable.” Give me a 50-65F day any day over one where I have to sweat! A friend once noted to me that, in cold weather, no matter how cold, you can always find relief by putting on; too hot and you can only get so much off before they arrest you! 😂 “Course, they’d arrest some of US more quickly than others.
    Now about the “set of footprints in the sand,” if I shared this before, forgive me. A humorous cartoon I saw had the pilgrim with Jesus and Jesus said, “Where there is one set of footprints is where I carried you.” But then He goes on to say, “And those long grooves are where I was dragging you kicking and screaming.” 😂😂
    Keep on bloggin’, sister. See you in Heaven, if not before.
    yours and His,

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    • The hotter the temperatures, the better I feel 😂😁 Perhaps it has to do with my origins being from the Caribbean 😁 🤣🤣🤣I’m so sure that there are grooves instead of footprints where I’m concerned. I love that imagery 😂😂

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  14. I can completely relate to you when you say and I am paraphrasing here. How when you run into issues you would contact the WordPress engineers and not tour techie husband. I get it. Sometimes, its the people closest to us who may be well meaning,but offer insights to a vision. That does not align itself to the vision God has given. Over the past few months I moved to a different city a few hundred miles away from my home(I moved back home last month though) the church that I connected with out there wanted me to link my blog ministry(really its God’s blog ministry, he just lent it to me) with their church. It didn’t sit right with me. I guess I felt that it would no longer be my own. So, I politely said no thank you! I am glad I didn’t. There was a lot of false teaching and I am no longer associated with them. For that I give God all the glory!!

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  15. How am I today / for the past many months? I am about like you. I love your post, you reflected my attitude in many ways. I think this attitude has been spread around, as I see most of the bloggers I follow (and myself) don’t post nearly as much as they used to; some not at all. Which, I’m sorry to say, has been okay with me, as I’ve not had the energy or the inclination to read as much. I tend to settle into what “I” want to do. All the things I “must” do are given a whisk and a prayer, as I focus on when I can be finished with all this “other stuff” and get to what I’d really like to do.
    But God. Through all this, He has increased and blossomed my prayer time, and brought me into a closer relationship with Him.
    God does give us seasons. Perhaps this season of stepping back is a blessing for us. He will, you know, get the glory and the honor and the praise: He always does, always will. Praise God Almighty.

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